Germany 2-3 Italy, the Eagles pinch a point

Lausanne, Feb 8, 2014: Team Germany managed to take what could prove to be a crucial point from the visiting Italians in their bid to hold onto third place in Group A this weekend. With both the USA Knockouts and the Algeria Desert Hawks breathing down their necks in the table, the point could prove pivotal in the long term, especially as the Germans still have a match in hand.

The Light Flyweights (46-49kg), Bantamweights (56kg), Light Welterweights (64kg), Middleweights (75kg) and Heavyweights (91kg) were contesting this match.

Bout of the match

Omar El Hag of Team Germany took on Khedafi Djelkhir of France in an interesting bout at Bantamweight that saw two athletes with 1-0 records facing each other. This was a real battle with both orthodox boxers willing to stand and trade for much of the fight. The German fighter took the opening two rounds by what must have been an extremely small margin, but the Italia Thunder boxer fought back to win the next two rounds. With the bout going right down to the wire in the fifth and final round, the two boxers were a credit to themselves, and their teams. They were both absolutely relentless but it was the Frenchman who took it in the end.

Boxer of the match

Light Flyweight Mark Barriga looked very sharp in his bout against Ovidiu Berceanu. The southpaw was elusive with beautiful footwork and head movement, which at times made him look untouchable. His hand speed was excellent and he measured his range, movement and tactics to perfection. He did well to ensure that he did not once let himself get drawn into a slug fest. All in all it was a skilful display by the Philippine boxer who put on a wonderful exhibition of boxing.

The turning point

When Team Germany’s European Champion Johann Witt took on Hungary’s WSB legend Imre Szello at Heavyweight, the whole match hung in the balance with the score at 2-2. The experienced Hungarian Italia Thunder fighter looked cat-like in the ring. His movement is almost comparable to a Super Slinky; namely, almost impossible to predict. The German worked hard and threw out hundreds of punches, but even if the bout had gone a few more rounds, the only danger to Szello would have been that he caught a cold from the whooshing air. It was another convincing win for Szello, who did well after stepping to cover for Clemente Russo at short notice.

Quote of the match

“I wouldn’t have a penny of anybody’s money on that round, I will leave that completely up to the judges to call” – Our commentator sums up exactly how close the first round between Omar El Hag and Khedafi Djelkhir was.

Wrap up

Kastriot Sopa of Team Germany pulled off the result of his WSB career to date when he beat three season veteran Branimir Stankovic of the Italia Thunder at Light Welterweight. The result was all the more impressive because Sopa had previously lost to the Serbian in Week 6 of Season III. The German dominated the match and the Italia Thunder’s boxer was unable to find another gear to stage a fight back. It was a great result for the German.

Denis Robert Radovan of Team Germany took on Bogdan Juratoni in a hard fought bout at Middleweight. Both boxers did some good work on the inside and their high level of physical conditioning gave what was an otherwise scrappy affair quite the edge. It was the local boxer who won it, much to the delight of the crowd, to bring the Germans to 2-2.

Coming up next

Team Germany will face a tricky voyage to Miami to face a resurgent USA Knockouts team, the real importance of which will only be measurable after the American’s match against the Algeria Desert Hawks. The Italia Thunder meanwhile will have one of their hardest clashes of the season at home to the group leaders, the Ukraine Otamans.

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