FIVB to participate in 4th Youth Leadership Camp

Doha – Qatar, Jan 12, 2013: The Fédération Internationale de Volleyball (FIVB) and FIVB Heroes acting as a key partner in a UN program targeted at youth leaders in sport from Africa and the Middle East. From January 14 – 24, 2013, the FIVB will take part in the UN Youth Leadership Camp (YLC) organised by the UNOSDP (UN Office on Sport for Development and Peace), in Doha, Qatar.

As part of a global partnership with the United Nations (UN) signed in late 2011, the FIVB, with the support of FIVB Hero Lynne Beattie, will open the camp on Monday with volleyball fundamentals and workshops focused on sport for community development and peace. FIVB Instructor and Egyptian Men’s National Volleyball Team Coach, Mr. Sherif El Shemerly will facilitate the sessions, both theoretical and practical, to help equip these youth leaders with the knowledge and skills needed for them to initiate grass roots programmes in their home countries.

Thirty youth leaders aged 18 to 25 have been selected by the UNOSDP to participate in the camp, including 18-year old, FIVB-nominated Ahmed Sameh Ahmed Zaki from Egypt. Ahmed has played volleyball since he was just three years old and is delighted to have the opportunity to take part, “I’m so thrilled and excited, because I believe I can really learn some useful skills from the coaches and other participants that will benefit my community.”

The FIVB Heroes Campaign plays a primary role in the UNOSDP Youth Leadership Camp, helping inspire a new generation of athletes and fans. FIVB Hero and captain of Great Britain’s women’s national volleyball team, Lynne Beattie, reinforced FIVB’s commitment to the values of the UNOSDP Youth Leadership Camp by stating, “I think this is an absolutely fantastic initiative. Sport can be a very powerful thing to bring people and communities together. Sport serves the purpose of keeping people fit, but more importantly, it’s fun and can enhance one’s self-confidence and encourage positive relationships. But it needs people to drive it… people on the ground, in the heart of their communities. The young leaders participating in this camp have the potential to inspire an unbelievable number of people back home, bringing them together and positively impacting their community. These youth are the real heroes.”

Beattie goes on to comment, “I’m very proud that the sport I love, volleyball, has the potential to make a difference in people’s lives.”

About the Youth Leadership Camp

Around the world, many highly motivated youth work tirelessly to support their communities through Sport-for-Development-and-Peace (SDP) projects. Most of these youth have only very basic education levels, limited resources with which to carry out their projects and do not have a proper forum where they can learn best practices or develop their leadership skills.

Thus, the idea of a “Youth Leadership Camp” was conceived in order to support such youth by giving them access to theoretical and practical training needed to improve both their projects and their own professional progress, and by supporting them once they go back to their communities.

About the FIVB Heroes campaign

“FIVB Heroes” is the official image campaign of the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB). The campaign aims to raise awareness of the players’ athletic achievements and to increase worldwide interest in the sport. The campaign revolves around volleyball and beach volleyball players, who thanks to their outstanding performance and team contributions have been designated “FIVB Heroes” and assume the role of ambassadors for the sport around the world. —- FIVB

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