First world record at World Mind Games

Beijing, Dec 16, 2014: A day to be remembered as the draughts super blitz competition at the SportAccord World Mind Games is well under way. Never seen or been done before, 18 rounds were played to settle the score between Georgiev and Ivanov.

The two men played and played and played some more. Super blitz does not allow players to take the foot off the gas. This makes for an amazing treat for the viewers. Non-stop fast action until someone concedes. It is such a brilliant discipline for this mind sport.

Georgiev said, “it demands complete concentration at all times, the slightest mistake and you might be punished”. Everyone gathered round, players and arbiters alike, keen on knowing which man would grab the win. Georgiev admitted that he was in a losing position in the penultimate match, “luckily Ivanov did not see it as he could have beaten me”.

With the last 4 rounds to be played tomorrow, the race remains extremely tight. A great showdown will be held as Boomstra and Atse lead the pack. They must however continue in their consistent run as 4 grand masters tail closely behind. Super blitz medals are there for the taking; Atse seems to have a favourable position but considering Boomstra’s excellent form, the gold is definitely up for grabs. —- Sportaccord

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