FIG Trampoline International Judges’ Course

Lausanne, Jan 21, 2013: Trampoline held its course, the last of the Intercontinental Judges’ Courses for FIG competitive disciplines targeting the 2013 – 2016 Olympic Cycle, in Frankfurt (GER) from January 15 – 20, 2013.

Under the direction of Technical Committee President Horst Kunze (GER), and hosted by the German Gymnastics Federation (DTB) at the new premises of the DTB Gymacademy, the course exclusively targeted judges officiating at FIG international competitions, World Cups, World Championships, the Olympic Games as well as the World Games.

A total of 62 participants from 24 different federations representing all continents participated in this course. It is the only opportunity for judges to certify in the highest brevet category of four, Category 1.

The course focused on the new 2013 – 2016 Code of Points that plays a determining part in shaping the development of the discipline over the upcoming four-year period. Major rule changes include the introduction of a second qualifying round at Trampoline World Championships and the evaluation of scores by the median mark of each single element.

This Intercontinental Course was the final event to be led by the 2009 – 2012 FIG Trampoline Technical Committee, marking the concluding function of the XIIth cycle of TC members before the Transfer of Powers ceremony in February. Course participants bid farewell to outgoing TC member Vladimir Zeman (CZE) and welcomed newly elected member Dmitri Poliarush (BLR), former representative for Trampoline at the FIG Athletes’ Commission.

Special thanks go out to FIG Executive Committee member Wolfgang Willam and DTB coordinator for Trampoline Gymnastics Denise Bürk, plus all of the gracious staff and volunteers from the German Federation, who provided excellent conditions and assured smooth running and excellent organisation of the course.

Following this Intercontinental Judges Course, a vast array of international judges’ courses organised by FIG member federations will be held over the coming months, with the first one in Budapest (HUN) on January 26 – 27, 2013. International judges’ courses are designed to give national Gymnastics federations the opportunity to train their judges on site in order for them to renew, confirm or improve their Brevet category. —- FIG

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