FIG commends, sanctions judges for performance

Lausanne, April 11, 2014: Following a comprehensive analysis and review of the judging at the World Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships in Kiev (UKR) last August and the World Artistic Gymnastics Championships in October in Antwerp (BEL), the FIG formally commended a number of judges in letters issued to their national federations.

Based on flaws found in judging by the FIG Men’s and Women’s Technical Committees of Artistic Gymnastics and the Superior Jury for Rhythmic Gymnastics, a handful of judges have also been formally reprimanded for erroneous judging, or judging that favored a certain gymnast or country. Seven Rhythmic Gymnastics judges have been formally warned, while one other received a 9-month ban from judging at FIG events. Three other Rhythmic judges have received letters of commendation.

In Artistic Gymnastics, one Men’s Artistic Judge was handed a 9-month ban, while another received a 12-month ban. In Women’s Artistic Gymnastics, three warnings were issued, as well as two 9-month bans. All judges have the option to appeal these decisions within 21 days to the FIG Appeals Tribunal.

“We are happy to inform you that the overwhelming majority of judges worked correctly and did a very good job, and that the above mentioned cases are exceptions,” said FIG President Bruno Grandi (ITA). “Our technical committees spend a great deal of time and energy analyzing judges’ scores to ensure that every athlete is assured a fair and unbiased score when they compete, now and in the future.”

Thank you for your attention and kind regards as we strive to keep gymnastics judging pure and free from errors or bias. —- FIG

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