Constitutional task force presents findings at FEI General Assembly

Rio de Janeiro (BRA), FEI Press Release, Nov 13, 2011: The Constitutional Task Force, which was set up in April of this year to identify an optimal governance structure for the FEI, presented its findings and recommendations to the National Federations at the FEI General Assembly in Rio de Janeiro (BRA) today at a session moderated by Executive Board member Richard Nicholl (USA).

Constitutional Task Force member Paul Cargill (AUS) detailed how the Task Force had undertaken in-depth consultation between the National Federations, the Regional Groups and Continental Associations – the Asian Equestrian Federation (AEF), the European Equestrian Federation (EEF) and the Pan-American Equestrian Confederation (PAEC).

The Task Force consulted with all these groups on six key areas:
•    The role of Regional Groups
•    The role of Continental Associations
•    Representation of National Federations
•    Governance Structure
•    Membership Categories
•    Sports Related Issues & Associate/Corporate Membership

Task Force Chair Akaash Maharaj (CAN) presented the findings and recommendations before a question and answer session with delegates from over 80 National Federations. He stated that the work of the Task Force was a “unique exercise in the history of the organisation”.

César Camargo (COL), a member of the Task Force, summed up. “We hope this will be the turning point for the National Federations to think of the FEI as we, not they. The FEI is a truly international body, but we have to be aware that there is no one size fits all, there is no perfect structure.”

The Task Force’s report was presented to the FEI Executive Board yesterday, prior to today’s session, and areas that were already being worked on were identified by FEI Secretary General, Ingmar de Vos. “We very happy with the outcome of the conclusions from the Task Force and will look carefully at the recommendations. There are a lot of things that are valid and which we can take further,” the Secretary General said.

The second of today’s sessions, on Rules modifications, generated discussion on just two topics – the mandatory use of protective headgear at all FEI events when riding a horse (Article 140 of the General Regulations) and mandatory microchipping (Article 1011 of the Veterinary Regulations).

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