ETTU, ITTF signs Continental Affiliation Agreement

Schwechat, Austria, Oct 12, 2013: The European Table Tennis Union (ETTU) and the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) have made their relationship closer with the signing of the continental affiliation agreement during the European Championships.

Newly elected ETTU President Ronald KRAMER signed the affiliation agreement with ITTF’s Deputy President Thomas WEIKERT during a special ceremony in Schwechat, Austria.

ITTF President Adham SHARARA stated after the historic occasion: “I am personally very happy and proud that the European Table Tennis Union has decided to sign the ITTF-Continental Affiliation agreement. This is an indication that the ETTU and its newly elected President, Mr Ronald KRAMER, have understood the benefits of this agreement and have decided to work closely with the ITTF for the development of our sport in Europe and in the World. This is a very positive step forward and I am sure that our work together will reap benefits for Europe and will bring the ITTF family closer together for the benefit of our sport.”

“To sign such an agreement does mean that it is not just a financial benefit for Europe, additionally it means that Europe can implement development projects as well as plan with the ITTF marketing activities to generate more income for the ETTU.”

“The ITTF and both its Development Plan staff and Marketing Division staff will now work together with the ETTU to catch up on time lost in 2013, and make sure that the ETTU is back on track with its development plan and open new frontiers with new marketing initiatives” concluded the ITTF President.

ETTU President shared the excitement of President SHARARA: “I am very pleased that, so soon after being elected, the new ETTU Executive Board, has agreed to this very important Continental Affiliation Agreement. It is a basis for productive cooperation for ITTF and especially for ETTU in the near future. It will help present our lovely sport in a more uniform way in Europe and in the World.”

The Annual General Meeting of the ITTF held in Dortmund (Germany) on 27 March 2012 approved a Resolution stating that Continental Federations be affiliated to the ITTF according to established criteria proposed by the Development and Continental Council, and that the application for affiliation be renewed every 4 years in the year of the Olympic Games.

The new continental affiliation system was established for the benefit of the continental federations and for the specific benefit of the ITTF member national associations in each continent.

This affiliation system links continental events to the ITTF world title events and also gives the continental federation the right to access ITTF development plan funds, as well as share in ITTF marketing income for specific events and have official recognition from the ITTF.

In addition to full recognition, continental federations receive funding directly from the International Table Tennis Federation for development purposes; there is a confirmed increase of 30 per cent over the previous quadrennial, and close to USD 700,000 is available for ETTU for the period 2013 to 2016 by signing the agreement.

ETTU President KRAMER explained some of the criteria for affiliation: “We encourage and support the development of our sport in a sustainable, structured, progressive and professional manner and we will work with the ITTF on a quadrennial development plan basis. In addition, we agreed to respect the principles of the ITTF: unity of action, mutual respect of associations in their dealings with one another, and the inadmissibility of discrimination against associations or individuals on racial, political, religious or other grounds.”

ETTU will link continental events for qualification to the ITTF world title events, specifically World Championships, World Cups and Olympic Games to reinforce greater marketing value and to ensure the participation of top players through specific agreements with the ITTF Competition Program, including the prerequisite that associations wishing to participate at the World Championships must first participate at the Continental Championships.

With ETTU signing the agreement, five Continental Federations have now completed their affiliation to the ITTF. —- ITTF/Photo By: Alex Lomaev

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