Left to right: Director of the GSSI Dr. James Carter together with the GSSI Award winners 2016: Andrew Holweda, Jorn Trommlen, Imre Kouw, Kelly Hammond and Lindsay McNaughton

GSSI Sports Nutrition Award at ECSS Vienna 2016

Vienna, July 21, 2016: Abstracts submitted in the area of nutrition for the ECSS Vienna 2016 congress were able to opt in to apply for the GSSI Nutrition Award. Gatorade Sport Science Institute (GSSI) has been ECSS Platinum Partner for 5 years and with the award they aim to promote research in the field of nutrition and hydration.

Again this year there were several applicants for the award. Five of them got shortlisted for the congress and they presented their study in front of a jury on 6th July in Vienna.

The winners of the GSSI Sport Nutrition Award 2016

1st Place (3.000 €):
Imre Kouw, Maastricht University Medical Centre (MUMC), Ingestion of 40 G Protein Prior to Sleep Stimulates Overnight Myofibrillar Protein Synthesis in Healthy Older Men

2nd Place (1.500 €):
Kelly Hammond, Liverpool John Moores University, Post Exercise High-Fat Feeding Increases Lipid Gene Expression but Supresses P70S6K1 Activity: Implications for Training Adaptation

3rd Place (500 €):
Lindsay McNaughton, University of Stirling, The Response of Muscle Protein Synthesis to Whole Body Resistance Exercise is Greater Following Ingestion of 40 G Compared with 20 G of Whey Protein

Equal 4th Place:
Andrew Holwerda, Maastricht University, Exercise Enhances the Overnight Muscle Protein Synthetic Response to Pre-Sleep Protein Feeding in Older Males
Jorn Trommlen, Maastricht University, Protein Ingestion before Sleep Provides Precursors for Post-Exercise Overnight De Novo Muscle Protein Synthesis. —- ECSS

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