ECSS MetropolisRuhr 2017 congress briefing

Germany, June 26, 2017: ECSS MetropolisRuhr 2017, The European College of Sport Science (ECSS) is excited to welcome over 2.300 participants to the 22nd annual Congress of the ECSS in Essen, Germany. Outstanding sport science will be on display the full four days of the congress!

There are several different session types covering multi- and interdisciplinary research in sport and exercise science.

The congress theme “Sport Science in a Metropolitan Area” consists of four core strains running through the scientific programme: inactivity, individuality, inclusion and identification.

The Metropolis Ruhr Region offers the congress participants an amazing opportunity to familiarise themselves with the regions transformation from industrial region to a modern, vibrant and culture oriented metropolitan area.

There are over 260,200 students studying in the 20 universities in the region. Make sure to visit some of the surrounding cities as well, such as Cologne, Bonn and Düsseldorf. Essen is easily accessible via train from all German cities and the Düsseldorf International Airport has excellent connections worldwide.

More information here.

Host Institutions

University Alliance Ruhr (consisting of the three institutions: Ruhr-University Bochum, TU Dortmund University, University of Duisburg-Essen)

The University Alliance Ruhr is an alliance between Ruhr University Bochum, TU Dortmund University, and the University of Duisburg-Essen, the three strongest universities in Germany’s thriving Ruhr Area.

The Ruhr Area is not only Germany’s largest academic hub, but also an epicentre of innovation that fosters close interaction between academia and the private sector.

Scientific highlights at the 22nd annual Congress of the ECSS


[PS-PL01] Individuality – Social and Physiologic Perspectives for Fitness and Health

05.07.2017, Start: 17:15, Lecture room: “Europa/West

“Chairs: Bente Klarlund  Pedersen, Rigshospitalet [Denmark] & Elke Grimminger-Seidensticker,

TU Dortmund University [Germany]


• Consumers, Active Leisure and Performative Rationalization Sassatelli, R. [Italy]

• Individuality – A Physiological Perspective Hoppeler, H. [Switzerland]

[PS-PL02] Development of Talented Players to World Champions In Football

06.07.2017, Start: 11:30, Lecture room: “Europa/West

“Chair: Joan Duda, University of Birmingham [United Kingdom] & Alexander Ferrauti, Ruhr-University Bochum [Germany]


• Developing Elite Football Players: Practice, Specificity, and Plasticity Williams, A. [United States]

• Scientific Support for Elite Football – Lessons from Brazil 2014 Meyer, T. [Germany]

[PS-PL03] Back Pain – Prevention and Therapy in the Modern Society

08.07.2017, Start: 11:30, Lecture Room: “Europa/West”Chair: Frank Mayer, University of Potsdam [Germany] & Petra Platen, Institute of Sports Medicine and Sports Sciences [Germany]


• New Insights into Motor Adaptations in Low Back Pain and Neck Pain: Implications for Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Falla, D. [United Kingdom]• Physical Activity and Biopsychosocial Modulation in Musculoskeletal Pain: how to Conceptualize Health-Promoting Activity? Hasenbring, M. [Germany]

[PS-PL04] Inclusion in Sport

07.07.2017, Start: 11:30, Lecture Room: “Europa/West

“Chair: Thomas Abel, German Sport University Cologne [Germany] & Thomas Jaitner, University of Dortmund [Germany]


• Prostheses and Orthoses – How Do They Effect Load Management and Sports Performance? Brüggemann, G. [Germany]

• The Business of Inclusive Sport: a Philosophical Anthropology of Utopia Howe, P. D. [United Kingdom]Please find the full scientific programme here.

Young Investigators Award (YIA) Once again the ECSS Young Investigators Award (YIA) will be the highlight of the congress. ECSS aims to support young, up-coming sport scientists and foster the state-of-the-art research.

Since its inauguration the ECSS has given the young scientists an opportunity to enter to this prestigious competition for scientific excellence.

Within the competition exceptional scientific work is presented at the annual congresses of the ECSS. A jury consisting of the ECSS Scientific Board and Committee grants the awards based upon oral and mini-oral presentation. First ten in each category are awarded in the YIA Award Ceremony on Saturday, 8 July.

Today many former YIA winners are still closely connected to the ECSS and even support the ECSS in its boards and committees.

The award has functioned for previous YIA winners as a starting point of their scientific career.

Congress facts

Registrations (20 June 2016) 2,169

Abstracts accepted 1.750

Delegates from 64 countries

YIA Finalists 86

Plenary sessions 4

Invited sessions 37

Oral sessions 112

Mini-Oral sessions 41

Conventional print poster sessions 30

E-posters 203

Top 10 abstract topics

Training and Testing 239 16,66%

Physiology 233 16,24%

Health and Fitness 178 12,40%

Biomechanics 125 8,71%

Sports Medicine and Orthopedics 88 6,13%

Psychology 88 6,13%Nutrition 68 4,74%

Neuromuscular Physiology 55 3,83%

Motor Learning and Motor control 55 3,83%

Physical Education and Pedagogics 49 3,41%

ECSS Workshops – 5 July 2017

• EWSSa – Publishing tips to help you succeed

• EWSSb – Rethinking ‘Q’ualitative methods: From concept to practice

More information and list of sponsored workshop


• 4 July 2017 – From the Lab to the Track – Current Aspects of Testing, Training and Recovery in Elite Sports – hosted by the Faculty of Sport Science of the Ruhr-University Bochum

Location: Satellite ECSS MetropolisRuhr 2017 – Gesundheitscampus Nord 10, 44801 Bochum, Germany

• 5 July 2017 – Lab to the Field: Translation of Sports Nutrition into Practical Application – hosted by Gatorade Sport Science Institute (GSSI)


A large area has been allocated for the congress exhibition with 52 exhibitors which will form the hub of the congress from 5 – 7 July.

Main social events

• Opening ceremony and welcome reception 5 July 2017, start: 19:00

• 3rd ECSS Bengt Saltin Run 20167 July 2017, start: 07:00

• Closing Ceremony and Congress Party8 July 2017, start: 18:00

Press Conference

5 July 2017, 10:00 – 10:30, room: N (South). —- ECSS

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