ECSS Barcelona 2013 congress debriefing

Barcelona – Spain, July 03, 2013: The ECSS congress 2013 has been the biggest congress in the history of the ECSS! When looking back at this outstanding scientific event, Barcelona offered a unique setting for the congress with an amazing venue up at the Montjuic hill and lively city of Barcelona. During the four days of the event high-quality research work was presented in plenary sessions, symposia, oral presentations, mini-oral presentations and e-poster not-debated.


In the framework of the Young Investigator Award upcoming, young scientists presented outcomes of their research. The best 10 were awarded in two categories: mini-oral (eposter) presentations and oral presentations. The extraordinary social events such as opening and closing ceremony, YIA cocktail and the amazing closing party were organized professionally. The participants have enjoyed the hospitality of the Spanish hosts and socialized with colleagues from different disciplines an exhibitor from he industry to unify sport science.

The ECSS would like to thank each and every one who helped to make ECSS Barcelona 2013 such a great scientific event. Without your contribution this magnificent congress would not have been possible.

Congress facts

Total number of congress participants: 3.112

Total number of participating countries: 75

Total number of abstracts: 2.452

Plenary sessions: 4

Invited presentations: 143

Oral presentations: 465

Mini-Oral presentations: 1228

E-poster not-debated: 454

Total number of exhibitors: 68

Total number of volunteers: 72

ECSS Young Investigators Award 2013

Total number of YIA applicants: 538

Total number of YIA contestents: 276

Total number of YIA finalists: 117

ECSS Young Investigators Award Winners 2013

Oral presentation

1st Nathan Smith (UK)

Mini-Oral (eposter) presentation

1st Yoko Kunimasa (Japan)

GSSI Nutrition Award Winners 2013

1st Tine Bex (Belgium)

Congress venue

The Olympic Ring up at the Montjuic hill offered outstanding setting as a congress venue with Calatrava’s sculpture-like Telefonica tower, historical Lluís Companys Olympic Stadium, beautiful Isozaki’s Palau Sant Jordi and the Institut National d’Educació Fisica de Catalunya (INEFC). The INEFC’s class rooms and lecture halls provided a functional facility for various different purposes and for the biggest exhibition hall in the history of the ECSS.

Scientific highlights – plenary sessions, honorary session and Sport Nutrition Symposium

Wednesday, 26th June 2013

• Does Pain Produce Gain?

• Chair: Conzález-Alonso José, Burnel Univesity

• Speakers:

o Unification of concepts and measures for capturing the mond control over motion system, Tenenbaum, G. (USA)

o Uncertainties regarding some of the expected benefits of regular exercise, Bouchard, C. (USA)

Thursday, 27th June 2013

• Emerging Trends in Team Sports Science sponsored by Aspetar

• Chair: Anguera Teresa M., University of Barcelona

• Speakers:

o Ecological dynamics in analysis of performance in team sport, Davids, K. (Australia)

o Using team sports to enhance health and well-being in young people, Duda, J.L. (United Kingdom)

Friday, 28th June 2013

• The Choreography of Movement and the Brain

• Chair: Beek Peter Jan, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

• Speakers:

o Whiter sport science? The challenge of understanding living moment, Scott Kelso, J.A. (USA)

o Choreographic thinking tools, Delahunta, S. (United Kingdom)

Saturday, 29th June 2013

• Rehabilitation through Exercise

• Chair: Wagenmakers Anton, Liverpool John Moores University

• Speakers:

o Exercise as prevention and treatment of knee osteoarthritis, Roos, E. (Denmark)

o The role of muscle stem cells in counter-fighting sarcopenia by exercise, Mackey, A. (Denmark)

Saturday, 29th June 2013

• Honorary session: Sport Science, in the world of science

• Chair: Balagué Natalia, INEFC Barcelona

• Speaker:

• Saltin, B. (Denmark)

Wednesday, 26th June 2013

• The Science of Sport Nutrition – hosted by GSSI

• Chair: Asker Jeukendrup

• Speakers:

• Sport Nutrition: A historical perspective, Saltin, B. (Denmark)

• Timing of protein intake. Is there a window of opportunity?, Tipton, K. (Scotland)

• Training adaptions: Exercise and macronutrient interactions, Hulston, C. (United Kingdom)

• Gender differences in protein synthesis, Phillips, S. (Canada)

• The carbohydrate mouth rinse, Carter, J. (United kingdom)

• Nitrates and exercise performance, Jones, A. (United Kingdom)

• Exercise, motor learning and the brain, Meeusen, R. (Belgium)

• Genomics and personalized sports nutrition, Bouchard, C. (USA)

These sessions can be watched on on is a free of charge service for all ECSS members. —- ECSS

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