The 17-year-old Deepika KUMARI wins Antalya World Cup

Antalya – May 05, 2012: All individual finals at the Archery World Cup Stage 2 were competed on a beautiful, windy venue, the beach of Antalya. In recurve women the top seeded athlete LEE Sung Jin (KOR), team Olympic champion and silver medallist in Athens 2004, was shocked by the 17-year old junior world champion and senior runner-up Deepika KUMARI (IND), 6-4. The archer from Chinese Taipei LIN Chia-En won 3rd place over the Chinese XU Jin.

All top seeded competitors in each of the four categories had reached the 1st place match. And except for the Korean LEE Sung Jin in recurve women, they all clinched victory!

In recurve men, in the absence of the world No. 1 Brady ELLISON (USA) defeated in an early round, the No. 1 seed of the competition and world record holder for the 70m Round IM Dong Hyun (KOR) clinched victory 6-4 over Markiyan IVASHKO (UKR). The 3rd place was taken by another Korean, the world champion KIM Woojin, who defeated his fellow countryman KIM Bubmin.

In the compound men category, another 1st seeded competitor had reached the final for 1st place. The American Reo WILDE, recent indoor world champion, beat his teammate Braden GELLENTHIEN 148-145. Dominique GENET (FRA) finished 3rd after he defeated Paul TISCHER (GER) in a close match, 143-142.

The compound women world champion and No. 1 seed, Albina LOGINOVA (RUS), defeated the newcomer in the German national team Christina BERGER, who competed in her very first World Cup event! Third was Marcella TONIOLI (ITA), winner of the first World Cup of the year three weeks ago, who took revenge over Jamie VAN NATTA (USA). The American had won their first face-to-face encounter at the Shanghai World Cup in September.

Recurve Men – 1st Place Match

IM Dong Hyun (KOR/1) v Markiyan IVASHKO (UKR/31)

At nearly 26 years old the No. 1 seed in Antalya is the No. 5 archer in the world currently, but he topped the world ranking in March 2011. IM made his debut in the Korean national team in 2002 at age 16 only. The year after, he was runner-up at the World Championships in New York City and became team Olympic champion in Athens 2004 and Beijing 2008. The Korean was team world champion in 2007, 2009 and 2011, individual world champion in 2007 and mixed team champion in 2011. He won the World Cup Final 2008 in Lausanne and finished 2nd of the Olympic Test Event last October.

IM has been the 70m Round record holder since 2004, beating his own best score three times in 2010, 2011 and this week with 696, only four points away from the magical 700 barrier! In the qualification round in Antalya, he also beat the team world record for the third time after 2008 and 2010, scoring 2069 points together with KIM Woojin and OH Jin Hyek.

To reach the final match in Antalya, IVASHKO beat the world No. 1 Brady ELLISON (USA) 6-2 in the 1/8 round. The Ukrainian has been on the international scene for many years. Aged 19 years old, he finished 2nd of the Indoor World Championships 1999 and was again runner-up in 2007. He was outdoor European silver medallist in 2008 and 3rd in 2010. IVASHKO took part at his first Olympic Games in Beijing where he was close to a medal in the team event, 4th. In the World Cup, his best result dated from 2006 in Porec where he ranked 3rd. He started this season with 17th place in Shanghai.

The Korean was close to perfect in the first set (29 points) and led 2-0. His opponent had scored 9-7-10 at that time. The two competitors were then tied in the second set with 29 each, and IM kept his lead at 3-1. They then started with a 9 and an 8 each, but IVASHKO followed with 9 and the Korean won the set with 10. IM was one point away from victory at 5-1.

However, his opponent from Ukraine had not said his last word. He was perfect in the fourth set and came back in the race 3-5. IVASHKO seemed on the right pace when he started the final set with two 10s. IM had shot two 9s at that time. But the Ukrainian concluded with an 8, leaving the door open to his opponent. IM needed a perfect last shot to draw the set and win the one set point he was missing. This is exactly what the world record holder did to clinch a 6-4 victory!

Recurve Men – 3rd Place Match

KIM Woojin (KOR/5) v KIM Bubmin (KOR/6)

KIM Woojin is the reigning individual and team world champion. He is the current No. 2 in the world after he topped the ranking in July 2011. The Korean, who will turn 20 in June, has been part of the senior national team since 2010 after he was junior team world champion the year before. In 2010, he won both the individual and team events at the Asian Games.

His fellow and namesake, KIM Bubmin, is one year older but he has entered the national team this season after his victory in the team event and individual 3rd place at the Summer Universiade in Shenzhen last year. At his first World Cup appearance in Shanghai the newcomer placed 9th individually.

This face-to-face between the two teammates is a rematch of the Shenzhen semifinal won by the world champion KIM Woojin, 6-4. It started to the advantage of KIM Bubmin who scored 29 points in the first set to lead 2-0. KIM Woojin then tied at 2-2 thanks to 29 points against 28 for his opponent in the second set. KIM Bubmin took the lead back, 4-2, from his national team fellow shooting another 29-point set versus three 9s for Woojin.

But the reigning individual world champion remained in the race, leaving no chances to his opponent with a perfect fourth set (30-28). Draw at 4-4! KIM Bubmin let all his hopes fly away with an 8 at his second arrow of the final set (10-8-10). Victory 6-4 for KIM Woojin, who clinched the match with 10-9-10!

Recurve Women – 1st Place Match

LEE Sung Jin (KOR/1) v KUMARI Deepika (IND/23)

The 27-year old Korean is back on the international scene in the national team. She is competing in her fourth World Cup event this week in Antalya (after Antalya 2006 and 2007, Shanghai 2012). LEE was a member of the Korean team from 2003 to 2007. The year after her first appearance at international level, she became Olympic team champion and individual silver medallist in Athens. She was crowned individual and team world champion in 2005 and won the Universiade title the same year. Ranked No. 1 in the world in June 2006, LEE made her comeback in Shanghai in April where she won the team event and finished 9th individually.

The young KUMARI, who will turn 18 in June, is currently 6th in the world. She was cadet world champion in 2009 and is the current junior world champion from 2011. At senior events, she won the Asian Grand Prix 2010 in Bangkok and the Commonwealth Games the same year. In 2011 she was silver medallist of the Turin World Championships and also the runner-up of the Istanbul World Cup Final. In Shanghai she started the World Cup season with 8th place individually and 2nd in team.

Nothing to do for the young Indian in the first set as the Korean hit three times the 10-ring: 2-0 for LEE. After two 9s, the latter went out of the yellow ring with an 8 to conclude the second set. Her 26 points were not enough to win this set as her opponent from India scored 29. It was therefore a draw at 2-2. The third set turned in favour of the Korean by one point (29-28) and she led 4-2.

The Indian then shot 8-9-10. With 8-9 her opponent needed a 10 to draw the set. LEE’s arrow was close but finally confirmed as a 9 and she let the two set points go to KUMARI. Draw at 4-4! The Indian did not look tense at all and she opened the final set with a perfect shot and followed with two 9s. With 9 and 10, her opponent from Korean needed a 10 to win or a 9 to tie and go to a shoot-off. LEE released an 8, and victory was for KUMARI, 6-4!

Recurve Women – 3rd Place Match

XU Jing (CHN/5) v LIN Chia-En (TPE/54)

The 21-year old Chinese has reached her best world ranking as of 1 May this year, 27th. She made her debut in the national team in 2010. That year XU ranked 7th in Ogden, her best World Cup result so far until this event in Antalya where she can has reach 3rd place. In teams, her most convincing result was 2nd at the London Test Event in October.

The lady from Chinese Taipei will turn 19 years old in one month. She is currently No. 128 in the world ranking and has been a member of her national team since 2008. Her best result so far was 17th place at the Shanghai World Cup in April. LIN started this match for 3rd place in Antalya as the outsider as she was seeded No. 54 only after qualifications and lost her two previous encounters to XU, in 1/16 at the London Test Event 2011 and at the first World Cup stage three weeks ago in Shanghai.

LIN shot first in the first set and shot 8-9-10. After scoring 9-8, her opponent needed a 10 to tie the set and split the set points. XU did it and the match was tied at 1-1. The Chinese took advantage of a 7 by her opponent in the second to win the set and lead 3-1. What a great comeback in the third set by the young lady from Chinese Taipei! She released three perfect arrows (10-10-10) and it was a draw at 3-3.

As LIN scored 10-9 and XU 9-8 in the third set, the first would have clinched the set with a 9, but she scored an 8. Her opponent from China needed a 10 to tie the set and the match and was successful: 4-4. XU scored three 9s in the final set, but LIN proved perfect for the second time of the encounter. She won the two set points at stake and clinched 3rd place 6-4!

Compound Men – 1st Place Match


WILDE is currently 2nd in the world but topped the world ranking in February 2007. He is the reigning outdoor and indoor team world champion and indoor individual world champion. He won the outdoor individual world title in 2009 and was 3rd last year. As far as the World Cup is concerned, he won the first Final held in Mexico in 2006 and was the runner-up last year behind his fellow countryman Rodger WILLETT JR. He is also the current Indoor World Cup Final winner from February this year. His record of achievements counts numerous other indoor and outdoor titles and medals.

GELLENTHIEN is the No. 4 in the world and was 1st in March 2011. Together with his opponent of the day, he is the current team indoor and outdoor world champion. He has won all outdoor world championships’ team event held every two years since 2003 (five consecutive crowns!) In individual the U.S. archer won the indoor world title and the outdoor silver medal in 2007, and in the World Cup he was the runner-up at the 2009 and 2010 Finals. He also finished 2nd of the Indoor Archery World Cup Final 2012 in February on home soil, losing the gold final to WILDE.

WILDE is also the world record holder for this round. The two teammates opened with a fantastic first end each (30-30). WILDE took a 2-point lead shooting 10-10-9 in the second end, against a triple 9 for his opponent (59-57). The gap increased after WILDE scored another 30 end while GELLENTHIEN raked 29 points in (89-86).

WILDE remained one point shy of perfect with one end to go (30 points again in the fourth end). GELLENTHIEN repeated with a 29 score and trailed by four points (119-115). The latter concluded in a perfect manner to total 145 points out of 150 but his opponent was too far away. Despite a second arrow out of the 10-ring for the whole match (!), WILDE clinched another victory with a 148 score!

Compound Men – 3rd Place Match

Paul TITSCHER (GER/29) v Dominique GENET (FRA/7)

The German defeated the No. 4 seed and 2009, 2010 World Cup winner Sergio PAGNI (ITA) in 1/16 elimination to reach the 3rd place match in Antalya. If he wins this match against his French opponent, TITSCHER can tie his best World Cup result achieved in Croatia three years ago. At the first World Cup of the season, in Shanghai, the German ranked 8th.

GENET is currently 10th in the world ranking. The 43 years old made his first national team in 1996. Since the World Cup was launched 10 years later he has won several medals and has participated in all events held in Antalya (7th participation!) of which he won the 2009 edition. This season, he started with three podium places in Shanghai, 1st in mixed team, 2nd in team, and 3rd individually.

As in the two previous matches on the female side, the two competitors opened the match with 10. The Frenchman then scored two 9s and took a 1-point lead as his opponent scored 8-9 (28-27). GENET increased his lead to three thanks to a perfect second end (58-55).

TITSCHER recovered two points shooting 29 points in the third end, against 27 to his opponent (85-84). The German had found the right pace and scored 29 again to tie at 113-113. TITSCHER repeated the same score in the final end, but this was not enough as GENET wrap it up with three perfect shots. Victory for the Frenchman 143-142!

Compound Women – 1st Place Match

Albina LOGINOVA (RUS/1) v Christina BERGER (GER/6)

The Russian is the No. 1 seed in Antalya and No. 2 in the world. After she made her first national team in 2006, LOGINOVA was the runner-up at the World Championships 2007. She became the world champion, both individual and team, two years later and successfully defended her individual title in Italy last year. In the World Cup, she won the Final in Edinburgh 2010. This season she finished 2nd second at the first stage in Shanghai, losing only to the Italian TONIOLI who is shooting for 3rd place today.

Newcomer in the German national team, BERGER is the revelation of the event, she who started archery two years ago only. Competing in national events last year, the former pistol shooter beat the 70m world record of 351 held by the American Jamie VAN NATTA since 2007 when she shot 353 in a competition in her country. Antalya 2012 is her first World Cup event, and she might even win it! She already ranked 4th in the mixed team event, paired with Paul TITSCHER who shot for 3rd place on the men side.

LOGINOVA and BERGER had an excellent start with 10 each. The Russian then had bad shot (an 8) followed by a 9. She trailed by two points, as her opponent concluded this end with 9-10 (27-29). Still in the lead after the first arrow of the third end, the German had a miss at her second and lost it all! She was eight points behind with two ends to go (48-56).

BERGER showed strong performance despite her previous bad shot. She scored 29 in the fourth end, but as her opponent from Russia scored the same, the gap remained (77-85). LOGINOVA clinched victory with a perfect last three arrows, whereas BERGER concluded with 9-9-10, for a final score of 142-133.

Compound Women – 3rd Place Match

Jamie VAN NATTA (USA/4) v Marcella TONIOLI (ITA/2) – 3rd Place Match

The American is currently 6th in the world ranking but she was 1st in May 2009. She has been a member of the U.S. national team since 1996 and won several individual and team world championships medals so far, both outdoor and indoor. She was team world champion last year in Italy. At the first World Cup Stage of the season VAN NATTA won the team event and finished 2nd in mixed team.

Her opponent from Italy has reached her best world ranking, 3rd, just before Antalya thanks to her victory in Shanghai in April. Making her debut with the national team at the beginning of 2011, TONIOLI ranked 9th at her first World Cup event one year ago in Croatia and 6th in Antalya in June. The Italian became mixed team world champion on home soil in July and then won the World Cup Stage 3 in the U.S. Thanks to consistency in World Cup events, she qualified for the Final in Istanbul where she reached 3rd place.

VAN NATTA and TONIOLI faced each other in quarterfinal at the World Cup Stage 4 in Shanghai last September. The American clinched a short win 141-140.

The two archers started with a perfect shot each. VAN NATTA then followed with 10-9, and as her opponent scored two 9s, the American was one point ahead after one end (29-28). The scores were reversed in the second end (28-29) so there was a draw at 57-57. As TONIOLI continued with another 29, she took a 2-point lead (86-84), taking advantage of 9-8-10 by her opponent.

Disturbed by a strong wind blowing on Antalya beach, VAN NATTA hit the 7-ring at her second arrow of the fourth end and the gap doubled to her disadvantage (109-113). TONIOLI started the final end with two 10s, followed by an 8, which was enough to clinch 3rd place, as her opponent concluded with 9-10-7 (141-135).

The Archery World Cup Stage 2 will conclude on Sunday, 6 May with the team finals for 1st and 3rd places and the mixed team gold medal matches.

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