Plenary session on “Crossing borders through technology”

Munich, June 17, 2016: Crossing borders, This session will focus on technology in sports. The swiftly emerging area of computer vision in sports as well as ethical perspectives will be highlighted.


Two excellent speakers will give lectures in this session: Professor Thomas B. Moeslund [Denmark] and Professor Sigmund Loland [Norway].

Professor Thomas B. Moeslund is working at the Department of Architecture, Design and Media Technology at Aalborg University. He has been researching and teaching at this university since 20 years. One particular field is computer vision.

Professor Moeslund is the head of the Visual Analysis of People Laboratory which conducts research on how to build systems that automatically sense people and infer information about them. Among his publications you can find fascinating papers, like “Heartbeat Rate Measurement from Facial Video”, “Projecting Robot Intentions into Human Environments” or ”Audio-Visual Classification of Sports Types”.

In his speech “Computer Vision in Sports” Professor Moeslund will talk about how to analyze sports without impairing the athletes. He will give an introduction to the current field of computer vision in sports, considering present and possible future applications. There will also be a focus on the usage of thermal cameras.


The second speaker in this session is Professor Sigmund Loland. He is working at the Department of Cultural and Social Studies of the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences. Professor Loland is specialized in social sciences and humanities.

He published papers like “Sport and the obligation of solidarity” or “Sport and popular movements: towards a philosophy of moving people”. The former ECSS president will speak about “Innovative technology in sport: ethical perspectives”. He will discuss actual and possible implications of these innovations for sport from an ethical point of view. Particular attention will be given to challenges posed by innovative biotechnologies. —- ECSS

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