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Germany June 27, 2012:The ECSS is an international non-profit organization founded in Nice, France in 1995. Its purpose is the promotion of science and research, with special attention to the interdisciplinary fields of sport science and sports medicine. The ECSS associates scientists committed to the ECSS mission by individual membership. By organizing leading annual scientific congresses in collaboration with leading European sport science institutions the ECSS provides a networking platform to share your knowledge.

Host institution

The Vrije Universiteit Brussels is a dynamic and modern university with two parkland campuses in the Brussels Capital Region: the main campus in Etterbeek is home to seven faculties. In Jette you can find the medical campus and the University Hospital. We offer a quality education to more than 9000 students and have more than 150 research teams working on both our campuses. Thanks to this expertise and its strategic location, the Vrije Universiteit Brussels is your ideal partner for prestigious research and education with an outlook on Europe and the world.

BLITS (Brussels Laboratorium voor Inspanning en TopSport – Human Performance Lab Brussels) is a high performance center that provides exercise and sport science services to both recreational and elite athletes. BLITS has its roots in the Vrije Universiteit Brussels and is part of the department of Human Physiology and Sports Medicine of the Faculty of Physical Education and Physiotherapy. The center is located at the university campus of the Vrije Universiteit Brussels. The center performs scientific research concerning thermoregulation, exercise and the brain, commuter cycling and chronic pain patients, which are only some of the research areas.

Scientific highlights


Cycling economy: From performance to business

04.07.2012, Start: 17:00, Lecture room: “Ambassador”, Chair: Paul de Knop (BEL), Vrije Universiteit Brussels

Performance in the heat: What happens in your head?

05.07.2012, Start: 11:30, Lecture room: “Ambassador”, Chair: Sebastien Racinais (QAT), Qatar Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Hospital

Olympism & Sport (clinical track)

06.07.2012, Start: 11:30, Lecture room: “Ambassador”, Chair: ECSS Patron Paavo Komi (FIN), Neuromuscular Research Center / Sigmund Loland (NOR), The Norwegian School of Sport Sciences

Sport Science in the heart of Europe (clinical track)

07.07.2011, Start: 11:30, Lecture room: “Ambassador”, Chair: Romain Meeusen (BEL), Vrije Universiteit Brussels

Young Investigators Award (YIA)

One of the key objectives of the ECSS is the promotion of junior scientists and the fostering of state-of-the-art research. For this purpose the ECSS established the Young Investigators Award (YIA).

Since the inauguration of the ECSS and its first annual congress in Nice, France in 1996, Mars Inc. as founding partner of the ECSS sponsors the YIA with generous cash prizes to support up-coming scientists. Young scientists have the opportunity of entering this prestigious competition for scientific excellence, where outstanding scientific work can be presented at the annual congress.

A jury consisting of the ECSS Scientific Board and ECSS Scientific Committee grants the awards based upon an oral and poster presentation for the top ten presentations respectively. Each year the YIA Cocktails reunite all former YIA winners at the annual ECSS congresses – an ECSS-based network, uniting generations of sport scientists. Today many former YIA winners are still closely connected to the ECSS and even support the ECSS in its boards and committees. The award has functioned for previous YIA winners as a starting point of their scientific career.

Congress facts

(as of 26.06.2012)

Registrations 2355

Registered countries 71

YIA applications 347

Travel grants 11

Plenary sessions 4

Invited Symposia 116

Oral presentations 704

e-poster presentations 1133


ECSS Educational Workshop 2012 – Scientific presentation skills

04.07.2012, Start: 9:00, Lecture Room: “Bach”


The Science of Sports Nutrition

03.07.2012, Start: 9:00, Lecture Room: “Vives”

Lotto meets the Australian Institute of Sports

05.07.2012, Start: 12:50, Lecture Room: “Bach”

Elite Football in the Heat – Changing the Mindset

06.07.2012, Start: 12:50, Lecture Room: “Bach”

Ramadan and Sport: Impact on the Podium for London 2012 and beyond

07.07.2012, Start: 12:50, Lecture Room: “Bach”

Main social events

Opening Ceremony and Welcome Reception

04.07.2012, Start: 18:30, Congress venue

Closing Ceremony and Closing Banquet

07.07.2012, Start: 18:00, Belfry Halletoren

For further information:

Steffen Neubert, ECSS PR, Marketing & Communications Manager

Phone: +49 221 4982 7640. Fax: +49 221 4982 7650

Email:, – Media Release ECSS

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