Champions Cup teams 2012 & Official CC website

Champions Cup teams 2012 & Official CC website

Helsinki, Finland, June 11, 2012: All 12 teams have registered to the 2nd edition of the Champions Cup played in Umeå, Sweden October 3rd – 7th and now also the official Champions Cup website has been launched. Visit!

– I am thrilled that we are now, in close co-operation with all Champion Cup stakeholders launching this new fabulous website and my firm belief is that we, the IFF and local organisers, must work very closely together concerning marketing, promotion, and information in order to be able to launch prosperous events in the future, says IFF President, Tomas Eriksson.

The Champions Cup website is the first official IFF event website that is launched with a new model, where the official website is under the IFF domain. The CC website content and layout has been created in cooperation with the local organiser and includes all the relevant information about the CC tournament including tournament details, host city information, ticket information, media accreditation etc. in both English and Swedish. The main IFF website links are also included on the website since the CC website will become the IFF front page during the CC tournament.

– We wanted to create a new concept for the IFF Event web pages in order to have all tournament information gathered in one place. The aim is to have a web page with easy access to the game results and statistics and in addition we wanted to gather all the relevant newsfeeds from the participating nations and clubs on the web page. The Champions Cup tournament, which is a newly launched event, served as a great platform to trying new things and ways of cooperation with the local organiser, IFF Information Manager, Merita Bruun informs.

Teams in the 2012 Champions Cup:

Men´s Champion Cup 2012: Group A

SPV (seeded 1st)

SV Wiler-Ersigen (seeded 4th)

IBK Dalen (2nd team of organiser)

Group B

Tatran Stresovice (seeded 2nd)

Storvreta IBK (seeded 3rd)

RTU/Inspecta (EFC 2011)

Women´s Champions Cup: Group A

IKSU (seeded 1st)

Herbadent SJM (seeded 4th)

RSU/Runway (EFC 2011)

Group B

SC Classic (seeded 2nd)

Piranha Chur (seeded 3rd)

IBK Dalen (2nd team of organiser)

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