Sindh Olympic Games 2014

Karachi – Pakistan, Mar 04, 2014: Please find below results have been provided by the Sindh Olympic Association. The Central Region leading is Sindh Olympic Games 2014 with the points 206. Today Points Table positions are as under:

1. Central Region 206 points

2. East Region 137 points

3. South Region 106 Points

4. West Region 35 points

The following sports disciplines/ events have conducted on today and the results are as under:

Cycling: (Road Race)

1st Position: Wazir Bhorihi (Central)

2nd Position: Faisal Zahee (East)

3rd Position: Muhammad Yaseen (South)


Central beat East by 2-0 sets

South beat West by 2-0 sets


Central beat South by 2-0 sets

East beat West by 2-0 sets

GYMNASTICS: (Vaulting Horse)

1st Position: East

2nd Position: Central

3rd Position: South


Central beat East by 5-2 goals

South beat West by 5-3 goals


36KG: Zamir (East) beat Muhammad Amin (South) by 3-0

Abdul Wasay (Central) beat Muhammad Owais (West) by 2-1

38KG: Aqeel Jan (East) beat Muhammad Anus (South) by 3-0

Sanaullah (West) beat Ahmed Raza (Central) by 2-0

40KG: Faisal Iqbal (Central) beat Mohsin Jan (East) by 3-0

Muhammad Kabir (South) beat Noman (West) by 2-1

42KG: Shahzaib (East) beat Ahmed Raza (West) by 3-0

Akbar Ali (South) beat M. Arsalan (Central) by 2-1

52KG: Waseem Ali (West) beat Muhammad Tanveer (Central) by 2-1

Abdul Basit (South) beat Fida Jan (East) by 3-0

56KG: Muhammad Ali (South) beat Shoaib Zaheer (East) by 3-0

Shahzad Jan (East) beat Shah Sultan (West) by 2-0

Football (Women):

South beat West by 7-0 goals

Central beat East by 3-0 goals


56 kg: 1st Position: Naeem Rasheed (East)

2nd Position: Zubair Khan (South)

3rd Position: Gabriel (Central)

64kg: 1st Position: Raja Yousuf (South)

2nd Position: Hammad (East)

3rd Position: Qaiser (Central)

76 kg: 1st Position: Arif Bota (East)

2nd Position: Taha (South)

3rd Position: Anas Ahmed (West)

94kg: 1st Position: Shah Nawaz (West)

2nd Position: Haroon Gulfam (East)

3rd Position: Faizan Qureshi (South)


200 Meters: 1st Position: Sadia Bashir (Central)

2nd Position: Hiba Khursheed (South)

3rd Position: Mama Rafi (Central)

400 Meters: 1st Position: Almas (South)

2nd Position: Maha (Central)

3rd Position: Sheza (South)

800 Meters: 1st Position: Almas Ibrahim (South)

2nd Position: Maha (Central)

3rd Position: Sheza (South

Shot Put: 1st Position: Hina Rafique (East)

2nd Position: Rabia (Central)

3rd Position: Hira (Central)

Long Jump: 1st Position: Ghazala (Central)

2nd Position: Laiba (Central)

3rd Position: Saba (East)

Discus Throw: 1st Position: Hina Rafique (East)

2nd Position: Rabia (Central)

3rd Position: Hina Moin (Central)

High Jump: 1st Position: Victoria (Central)

2nd Position: Areeb (East)

3rd Position: Maha (Central)


200 Meters: 1st Position: Waleed Raza (Central)

2nd Position: Riaz (Central)

3rd Position: Naheel (South)

400 Meters: 1st Position: Raheem Baig (Central)

2nd Position: Owais (south)

3rd Position: Abram Khan (Central)

800 Meters: 1st Position: Abrar ul Haq (East)

2nd Position: Silvestane (Central)

3rd Position: Shahbaz Ahmed (East)

High Jump: 1st Position: Rizwan (south)

2nd Position: Shakeel (Central)

3rd Position: M. Zaheer (East

Long Jump: 1st Position: Shakeel (Central)

2nd Position: Sarfraz (Central)

3rd Position: Naheel (south)

Discus Throw: 1st Position: Hamza (South)

2nd Position: Naheedullah (Central)

3rd Position: Shahid (West)

Shot Put: 1st Position: Shamandar Khan (West)

2nd Position: Naheel (Central)

3rd Position: Ayub Khan (West)

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