ITF increases support of ICs and CTC

ITF increases support of ICs and CTC

London, July 16, 2012: At its AGM in Copenhagen last week, the ITF signed memorandums of understanding with two of its recognized organizations, the Council of International Clubs, and Association of Centenary Tennis Clubs. The ITF will look to increase its support of both organizations on their worldwide development activities.

The Council of International Clubs currently comprises 40 national member clubs known individually as International Clubs (ICs). The International Clubs aim to develop, encourage and maintain the highest standards of sportsmanship and understanding among players of all nations and among young players in particular.

The Association of Centenary Tennis Clubs (CTC) is an umbrella group of clubs that are each more than 100 years old, including some of the most prestigious clubs in tennis. Initially founded by eight clubs as a pan-European association, it now has an extensive global membership of 59 clubs in 28 countries.

The ITF and the two organizations will look to cooperate on development projects where appropriate in consultation with national associations.

The memorandums of understanding run through 2013 (Centenary Tennis Clubs) and 2014 (International Clubs) respectively.

ITF President Francesco Ricci Bitti said: “Both the ITF and these two organizations share the same goal of fostering growth in the game of tennis. The ITF already assists its 210 member nations with the development of tennis at all levels, and we look forward to collaborating on additional projects.”

Peter McQuibban, Chairman of the Council of International Clubs, said: “We have worked closely with the ITF and its national federations on our philanthropic projects in various countries. This memorandum of understanding formalises that relationship and we hope it will make our work in this important area more efficient and effective.”

Juan Maria Tintore, President of the Association of Centenary Tennis Clubs, said: “I am sure this cooperation will be of mutual benefit to the organizations, both of which are committed to the promotion of tennis, and are concerned with providing opportunities for young players. I have no doubt that the cooperation will help us to enhance and expand the CTC’s activities in the future.” —– ITF

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