Bridging the East and West: BWF launch official Chinese website

Dec 06, 2011: Have a question to ask world number 1 Lee Chong Wei or four-time world champion Lin Dan? Find them on the new official BWF Chinese website, launched in a strategic collaboration with Chinese internet giant, Tencent Holdings.

The Badminton World Federation (BWF) will manage the design, structure and content of the official Chinese website while Tencent Holdings host and maintain the website found at, and providing Chinese editorial services at the same time.

Tencent Holdings houses one of the world’s largest online community and runs one of China’s fastest growing web portal,, with over 700 million active user accounts according to a Bloomberg report.

Over 30,000 users have subscribed to the BWF official Chinese social media, the QQ Weibo (micro-blogging platform),, since it went live three months ago.

“There is a two-fold objective to launching an official BWF Chinese website and a social media platform ”, said the BWF Chair of Marketing, Etienne Thobois. “First we want to reach out to our Chinese fans and by establishing these official communication channels, we hope to engage them better”, said Thobois, “and the second objective is to facilitate the engagement between badminton fans all over the world with top badminton stars such as Lee Chong Wei and Lin Dan, who are active on the Chinese social media platforms.”

“It should also offer the global media greater access to the Chinese-speaking stars in the sport.” Besides Chinese badminton news and press releases, a section of the official BWF Chinese Website is dedicated to displaying the badminton stars’ Weibo. Not only are the sport’s top billings actively engaging their fans on Weibo, fans can also “tuned in” to the Weibo of Chinese coaches such as Li Yongbo, Zhang Ning and Xia Xuanze.

BWF Media have earlier this year launched a range of BWF official social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, to engage with our worldwide fans. Thobois added: “We must remember that we live in a highly-interactive world today, and as the governing body, we recognize the importance of keeping our ears to the ground and to facilitate engagement between stars and their fans as well as the global media.” —- BWF

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