Brian Cookson outlines 10 point plan for in cycling

Aug 30, 2013: Brian Cookson, UCI Presidential Candidate, today unveiled a 10 point plan on how he would develop commercial growth in cycling if elected UCI President.

Brian Cookson said today:

“Cycling is a hugely popular sport, and there is a very large industry that goes with it. But it hasn’t developed as it could or should have done. Sponsors hesitate about whether to stay in or join the sport and indeed two of the teams racing today in the Vuelta, like others before them, face going out of business at the end of this season. The commercial development of many races and disciplines remains at best patchy, and even the UCI itself appears to struggle to finance its own activities.”

He added: “My track record at British Cycling speaks for itself. In the last two years, we’ve actually doubled British Cycling’s membership, raised the revenue to a level on a par with the UCI itself and re-invested in the sport, evidenced by the success of British athletes, which has created more interest and more participation at grassroots level. It’s been a true win-win.

“The UCI needs a similarly transparent and dynamic approach to the issues and opportunities of world cycling.

“Today I am outlining a 10 point action plan that I would introduce if elected UCI President to grow cycling and develop commercial interest in our sport.”

The 10 areas for action set out in Cookson’s plan are:

• Restoring cycling’s credibility and properly dealing with cycling’s doping history so that sponsors and commercial partners can once again trust our sport

• Addressing real or perceived conflicts of interest surrounding Global Cycling Promotions (GCP) – a UCI subsidiary

• Reviewing the purpose and function of GCP so that it does more to develop cycling around the world to serve teams, athletes and event organisers

• Demonstrating the right leadership to create a positive environment for commercial partners to invest in cycling

• Developing a coherent commercial strategy for the UCI’s flagship events

• Evolving and developing cycling’s digital strategy and online presence

• Embracing innovation and supporting commercial growth across all cycling disciplines

• Empowering teams, athletes and race organisers through smarter governance and rule-making

• Developing commercial interest in women’s cycling

• Further showcasing cycling at the Olympic and Paralympic Games and within the Olympic Movement. —- By Will Shand

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