Rey Saludar Filipino “Band of Brothers” in APB

Lausanne, July 12, 2013: The AIBA Pro Boxing (APB) “Boxer of the Week” campaign turned its attention to Filipino sensation Rey Saludar. The 2010 Asian Continental Champion is one of three boxers from the Philippines to sign for APB.

As part of the campaign, Rey answered questions posted by his fans on the APB facebook page ( and on APB’s Twitter page (

He explained that he and his two compatriots who have signed for APB (WSB boxer Charlie Suarez and London 2012 Olympian Mark Anthony Barriga) have become as close as brothers. Indeed, when we called Saludar for an interview, it was Barriga who picked up his phone!

Naturally we took the opportunity to get a behind the scenes glimpse at our man through the eyes of his friend while we were there. Barriga explained details around their training sessions, explaining that a simple approach has given them both such outstanding cardio. Surprisingly perhaps, he revealed that he and Saludar don’t do any form of endurance training other than running and bag work in what is a very old school training approach for a very modern competition.

The method works however, and it is what won Saludar the Gold at the 2010 Asian Games; a result which he said “was the highlight of my career so far”. He went on to say: “I hope I will be able to enjoy that feeling of success again in upcoming years. My goal in APB is to be a boxer of good character and to improve my skills. I would like to be victorious in every fight”.

Despite being a world class boxer himself though Rey Saludar admitted that his own idol is Manny Pacquiao whom he says “isn’t just an icon for me but for everyone in the Philippines. He is probably the most famous man in the whole country”.

For the full interview with Rey Saludar click here:

APB’s “Boxer of the Week” campaign was launched on May 13th. It is designed to unveil the entire APB boxers’ roster athlete by athlete.

AIBA Pro Boxing (APB) is a pro-style boxing competition program under the governance of AIBA. Prior to the official start of the competition scheduled for January 2014, AIBA will stage a number of APB exhibition bouts all around the globe. These bouts will consist of 8 rounds of 3 minutes and will feature some of the best fighters in the world. All the foreseen events will be considered as exhibitions and therefore will not affect the 2014 APB Ranking.

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