APB is my opportunity to develop” Juan “Pivi” Romero

Lausanne, July 26, 2013 – The AIBA Pro Boxing (APB) “Boxer of the Week” campaign headed back to Mexico, this time to unveil an explosive Lightweight (60kg) and Season II World Series of Boxing (WSB) Individual Champion, Juan “Pivi” Romero.

The orthodox boxer has built-up an excellent record in his three seasons with the World Series of Boxing (WSB) with nine wins and four losses on his card along with his Individual Championships title for Season II. Whilst already a solid enough record, it is even better when you consider that most of the losses occurred three years ago when “Pivi” was still only twenty. Last season he was the number 7 ranked WSB Lightweight boxer in the world.

As tradition has it in the “Boxer of the Week” campaign, Romero’s fans’ on the APB facebook page posted their questions and we published his answers. As always therefore the interview was fan led… And it revealed some interesting facts.

Romero describes how, coming from a small Mexican village it is normal for him and his family to use horses for transport. “My passion for horses came from my father and the rest of my family” he said. “We are humble village people; people that still ride horses to get from one place to another. So along with boxing my other sport is horsemanship, I love them both!” He also admitted that he is hoping to compete in horse racing in the future.

Meanwhile, he believes that with proper planning he will be able to compete both in APB and the WSB, which is something he is keen to do given that he describes the WSB as so far “the best experience of my life”.

However he explains that the opportunity to join APB was just too good to pass down. “I decided to join APB for the opportunity to continue developing”, he said. “To be a better boxer, you need to be fighting constantly, unfortunately in Mexico we don’t have so many opportunities to do that, plus this is the launch pad for my effort to qualify for the next Olympic Games”.

APB’s “Boxer of the Week” campaign was launched on May 13. It is designed to unveil the entire APB boxers’ roster athlete by athlete.

AIBA Pro Boxing (APB) is a pro-style boxing competition program under the governance of AIBA. Prior to the official start of the competition scheduled for 2014, AIBA will stage a number of APB exhibition all around the globe. These bouts will consist of 8 rounds of 3 minutes and will feature some of the best fighters in the world. All the foreseen events will be considered as exhibitions and therefore will not affect the 2014 APB Ranking.

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