USA wins quad title in BNP Paribas wheelchair tennis

Antalya – Turkey, May 25, 2013: USA has defeated Israel 2-0 to win the quad title at the 2013 BNP Paribas World Team Cup wheelchair tennis event in Antalya, Turkey on Saturday 25 May. In the men’s World Group II final, Australia has defeated Greece 2-0 to win promotion to the World Group in 2014. The men’s World Group final between Netherlands and France will take place on Monday 26 May. A total of 52 teams from 28 nations are competing on 20-26 May in four categories: men, women, quad and junior.

The World Team Cup is the ITF’s flagship wheelchair tennis event, often referred to as the Davis and Fed Cups of wheelchair tennis. The initial event took place in California in 1985 involving six men’s teams. The women’s competition began the following year, with quad and junior events introduced in 1998 and 2000 respectively. The ITF introduced regional qualifying for the men’s and women’s events in 2012.



Quad Event Final

USA (1) defeated ISRAEL (2) 2-0

Nick Taylor (USA) d. Shraga Weinberg (ISR) 63 60

David Wagner (USA) d. Noam Gershony (ISR) 62 62

Nick Taylor/David Wagner (USA) v. Noam Gershony/Shraga Weinberg (ISR) not played

Quad Event 3rd/4th Place Play-off

ITALY defeated JAPAN 2-1

Marco Innocenti (ITA) d. Shinichi Hirata (JPN) 63 64

Mitsuteru Moroishi (JPN) d. Antonio Raffaele (ITA) 63 64

Marco Innocenti/Giuseppe Polidori (ITA) d. Shinichi Hirata/Mitsuteru Moroishi (JPN) 61 75

Men’s World Group Semifinals

NETHERLANDS (1) defeated SWEDEN 2-1

Ronald Vink (NED) d. Peter Vikstrom (SWE) 26 62 62

Maikel Scheffers (NED) d. Stefan Olsson (SWE) 16 61 62

Peter Vikstrom/Dan Wallin (SWE) d. Maikel Scheffers/Ronald Vink (NED) 57 60 [10-6]

FRANCE (2) defeated JAPAN (3) 2-1

Frederic Cattaneo (FRA) d. Takashi Sanada (JPN) d. 46 61 64

Shingo Kunieda (JPN) d. Stephane Houdet (FRA) 75 76(4)

Frederic Cattaneo/Stephane Houdet (FRA) d. Shingo Kunieda/Takashi Sanada (JPN) 63 57 [10-2]

Men’s World Group 5th/6th Place Play-off


Dave Phillipson (GBR) d. Jose Castricini (ARG) 60 61

Gordon Reid (GBR) d. Gustavo Fernandez (ARG) 46 63 64

Marc McCarroll/Gordon Reid (GBR) v. Oscar Diaz/Gustavo Fernandez (ARG) not played

Men’s World Group 7th/8th Place Play-off

POLAND defeated AUSTRIA 3-0

Piotr Jaroszewski (POL) d. Thomas Mossier (AUT) 57 62 61

Tadeusz Kruszelnicki (POL) d. Martin Legner (AUT) 36 61 76(8)

Kamil Fabisiak/Piotr Jaroszewski (POL) d. Martin Legner/Thomas Mossier (AUT) 76(3) 57 [10-5]

Men’s World Group 9th/10th Place Play-off

THAILAND defeated KOREA, REP. 2-0

Suwaitchai Merngrprom (THA) d. Sang- Ho Oh (KOR) 62 64

Suthi Klongrua (THA) d. Ji-Hwan Lee (KOR) 64 61

Suthi Klongrua/Sumrerng Kruamai (THA) v. Sam-Ji Kim/Sang-Ho Oh (KOR) not played

Men’s World Group 11th/12th Place Play-off

USA defeated SOUTH AFRICA 3-0

Steve Baldwin (USA) d. Donald Ramphadi (RSA) 60 60

Steve Welch (USA) d. Evans Maripa (RSA) 26 61 63

Steve Baldwin/Steve Welch (USA) d. Leon Els/Evans Maripa (RSA) w/o.

Men’s World Group II Final

AUSTRALIA (1) defeated GREECE 2-0

Adam Kellerman (AUS) d. Stefanos Diamantis (GRE) 60 63

Ben Weekes (AUS) d. Georgios Lazaridis (GRE) 61 63

Adam Kellerman/Ben Weekes (AUS) v. Stefanos Diamantis/Georgios Lazaridis (GRE) not played

Men’s World Group II 3rd/4th Place Play-off

BELGIUM (4) defeated ITALY 2-1

Luca Spano (ITA) d. Gert Vos (BEL) 76(2) 63

Joachim Gerard (BEL) d. Ivan Lion (ITA) 61 60

Mike Denayer/Joachim Gerard (BEL) d. Ivan Lion/Luca Spano (ITA) 64 62

Women’s World Group 5th/6th Place Play-off

THAILAND defeated KOREA, REP. 2-1

Chusri Inthanin (THA) d. Jung-Hye Yeo (KOR) 62 61

Ju-Yeon Park (KOR) d. Sakhorn Khanthasit (THA) 63 64

Chusri Inthanin/Ratana Techamaneewat (THA) d. Myung-Hee Hwang/Ju-Yeon Park (KOR) 61 76(5)

Women’s World Group 7th/8th Place Play-off


Lola Ochoa (ESP) d. Mabel Mankgele (RSA) 60 62

Kgothatso Montjane (RSA) d. Elena Jacinto (ESP) 61 61

Elena Jacinto/Lola Ochoa (ESP) d. Mabel Mankgele/Rose van der Meer (RSA) 62 63

Women’s World Group 9th/10th Place Play-off

USA defeated CHILE 3-0

Kaitlyn Verfuerth (USA) d. Macarena Cabrillana (CHI) 36 60 62

Emmy Kaiser (USA) d. Francisca Mardones (CHI) 63 75

Emmy Kaiser/Kaitlyn Verfuerth (USA) d. Macarena Cabrillana/Francisca Mardones (CHI) 62 60

Women’s World Group 11th/12th Place Play-off


Sarah Calati (AUS) d. Julide Yildiz (TUR) 75 61

Janel Manns (AUS) d. Busra Un (TUR) 64 63

Sarah Calati/Luba Josevski (AUS) v. Nese Aydemir/Busra Un (TUR) not played.

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