BNP Paribas World Team Cup wheelchair tennis event

BNP Paribas World Team Cup wheelchair tennis event

London, May 21, 2012: Please find below the latest results from the 2012 BNP Paribas World Team Cup taking place in Seoul, Korea on 21-27 May. Teams are competing in four categories: men, women, quad and junior. A total of 52 teams from 28 nations are taking part in the ITF’s flagship wheelchair tennis team event.

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Women’s Pool A

CHILE (6) defeated FRANCE (10) 3-0

Francisca Mardones (CHI) d. Emilie Chéné (FRA) 62 75

Maria Antonieta Ortiz (CHI) d. Christine Schoenn (FRA) 60 64

Maria Anonieta Ortiz/Francisca Mardones (CHI) d. Christine Schoenn/Dominique Claverie (FRA) 61 64

Women’s Pool B

KOREA (8) defeated SWITZERLAND (11) 3-0

Myung-Hee Hwang (KOR) d. Simona Rusnak (SUI) 61 62

Ju-Yeon Park (KOR) d. Parmila Grangier (SUI) 60 62

Ju-Yeon Park/Myung-Hee Hwang (KOR) d. Parmila Grangier/ Gabriela Buhler (SUI) 60 61

Women’s Pool C

THAILAND (12) defeated SOUTH AFRICA (5) 2-1

Sakhorn Khanthasit (THA) d. Celio du Toit (RSA) 60 60

Kgothatso Montjane (RSA) d. Chusri Inthanin (THA) 62 61

Sakhorn Khanthasit/Ratana Techamaneewat (THA) d. Kgothatso Montjane/Rose van der Meer (RSA) 61 61

Women’s Pool D

USA (9) defeated SPAIN (7) 3-0

Kaitlyn Verfuerth (USA) d. Lola Ochoa (ESP) 63 62

Emmy Kaiser (USA) d. Elena Jacinto (ESP) 61 46 61

Kaitlyn Verfuerth/Mackenzie Soldan (USA) d. Elena Jacinto/Lola Ochoa (ESP) 63 46 63

Quad Pool A

USA (1) defeated KOREA (8) 3-0

Bryan Barten (USA) d. Myoung-Sic Nam (KOR) 62 61

Nick Taylor (USA) d. Ho-Sang Wang (KOR) 62 60

Bryan Barten/Nick Taylor (USA) d. Myoung-Sic Nam/Ho-Sang Wang (KOR) 62 62

JAPAN (4) defeated ITALY (5) 2-1

Moroishi Mitsuteru (JPN) d. Antonio Raffaele (ITA) 61 60

Marco Innocenti (ITA) d. Kawano Shota (JPN) 61 60

Moroishi Mitsuteru/Kawano Shota (JPN) d. Marco Innocenti/Giuseppe Polidori (ITA) 75 75

Quad Pool B

GREAT BRITAIN (2) defeated SOUTH AFRICA (7) 3-0

Jamie Burdekin (GBR) d. Stephen Kekai (RSA) 62 61

Peter Norfolk (GBR) d. Lucas Sithole (RSA) 62 62

Peter Norfolk/Jamie Burdekin (GBR) d. Bongani Dhlamini/Lucas Sithole (RSA) 62 62

ISRAEL (3) defeated CANADA (6) 3-0

Shraga Weinberg (ISR) d. Adrian Dieleman (CAN) 60 62

Noam Gershony (ISR) d. Gary Luker (CAN) 61 60

Noam Gershony/Boaz Kramer (ISR) d. Adrian Dieleman/Gary Luker (CAN) 61 62

Junior Pool A

GREAT BRITAIN (1) defeated IRAQ (7) 3-0

Lauren Jones (GBR) d. Al Khayoon Al- Gharrawi (IRQ) 61 61

Alfie Hewett (GBR) d. Hussein Hamid Hel (IRQ) 61 61

Alfie Hewett/Lauren Jones (GBR) d. Hussein Hamid Hel/Al Khayoon Al- Gharrawi (IRQ) 63 62

SOUTH AFRICA (3) defeated ARGENTINA (5) 3-0

Mabel Mankgele (RSA) d. Lucas Scarazzini (ARG) 61 62

Gift Lekhanyane (RSA) d. Gonzalo Pascual (ARG) 62 62

Mabel Mankgele/ Gift Lekhanyane (RSA) d. Lucas Scarazzini/ Gonzalo Pascual (ARG) 60 60

Junior Pool B

NETHERLANDS (2) defeated MEXICO (8) 3-0

Diede de Groot (NED) d. Lisbeth Alondra Soto Rivera (MEX) 61 63

Jeroen Staman (NED) d. Carlos Daniel Muro Chavarra (MEX) 60 60

Carlos Anker/Jeroen Staman (NED) d. Carlos Daniel Muro Chavarra/ Lisbeth Alondra Soto Rivera (MEX) 62 60

USA (6) defeated RUSSIA (4) 3-0

Shelby Baron (USA) d. Gennady Kapkaev (RUS) 75 63

Chris Herman (USA) d. Polina Shakirova (RUS) 60 61

Kate Stuteville/Chris Herman (USA) d. Gennady Kapkaev/Alesandr Pakshin (RUS) 62 62

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