Bernard Presents Manifesto for SportAccord Presidency

Dublin – Ireland, May 23, 2013: International Rugby Board (IRB) Chairman Bernard Lapasset today presented an election manifesto for his bid to become President of SportAccord, which includes four key principles to enhance the work of the organisation.

Lapasset, who has a wealth of experience in sports administration, including senior level positions with the International Rugby Board, the French Rugby Federation and the French National Olympic Committee (CNOSF), outlined his vision for SportAccord.

“I am passionate about sport and I believe in SportAccord. I want to see International Federations work together to promote and protect the collective interests of sport, which is why my vision is of evolution through unity and good governance. We need to collaborate for the benefit of all sports, while respecting and embracing the diversity of sport,” he said.

“Today, I am presenting my campaign manifesto which includes the four key principles that will underpin and define my Presidency if I am successful. There are fantastic opportunities ahead and also some challenges, but I believe I have the vision, experience and passion to help SportAccord thrive; to engage, inspire and excite new generations.”

Lapasset’s four campaign principles are:

1. A SportAccord Academy to share knowledge and best-practice

• The Academy will equip all Federations, large and small, with the most up-to-date information and tools. For example, on the latest commercial models, marketing best practice, such as optimising social media activity, competition frameworks, governance and integrity

• This will be achieved via a suite of conferences, forums and ‘a community of best practice’ – an online information exchange

2. A SportAccord Festival to celebrate the diversity of sport

• Featuring groups of sports, it will build on and enhance SportAccord’s existing multi-sport Games

• In today’s complex sporting environment, it will be an opportunity to showcase new sports and formats, and for traditional sports to refresh and evolve

• The Festival will attract and engage new younger, more diverse audiences, grow the commercial platform by providing an opportunity for new partners, and create hosting opportunities for cities around the world. It will complement the Olympic Movement and give sports an opportunity to innovate and engage passionate, new fans

3. Becoming the Voice for Sport

• SportAccord must speak for sport and sit at the centre of the political agenda

• It should develop permanent initiatives with international political bodies, contributing to the debates that concern sport, for example legal and regulatory

4. Reaffirming Sport’s Values, its role and benefits for society

• Sport is an important vehicle of social change and as the voice of sport, SportAccord should develop projects in important areas such as peace, education, the fight against discrimination, good citizenship and health

Speaking about his principles, Lapasset said:“The SportAccord Academy will be a hub of knowledge and best practice, equipping Federations with the tools they need to drive their sports forward. As well as providing information on maximising commercial and marketing opportunities, it will also be a centre of discussion and information on sport’s greatest current challenge, the protection of its integrity. Through the Academy, SportAccord must be at the forefront of the fight against betting fraud and the promotion of clean sport, encouraging the exchange of knowledge and providing robust information and education for leaders, athletes and officials.”

“Alongside the Academy, the SportAccord Festival will be an opportunity to showcase new sports and formats, to drive commercial revenues and excite new younger audiences.”

Highlighting the wider role of sport in society, Lapasset continued:“SportAccord must lead the sporting agenda, and if I am successful, I will strive to place it at the heart of all key international sporting and political bodies. What’s more by promoting sport’s strong values of inclusivity, tolerance, loyalty and respect, SportAccord can further sport’s role as a vehicle of social change.”

During his time as President of the IRB, Bernard Lapasset has driven the sport’s move to professionalism and an 18 per cent increase in participation globally since 2009. Rugby World Cup has gone from strength-to-strength and is now one of the world’s largest and best loved sporting events. Anchoring the sport in its strong values, he led the successful campaign to return Rugby to the Olympic Games.

The new President of SportAccord will be elected at the 2013 General Assembly in St. Petersburg, Russia, on May 31. —- IRB

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