ITF announces SANDEVER as Global Development Partner for Beach Tennis

London, June 11, 2019: The International Tennis Federation (ITF) has today announced SANDEVER as Global Development Partner for Beach Tennis ITTF.

SANDEVER Beach Tennis, the new Decathlon dedicated brand for Beach Tennis equipment will provide Beach Tennis ITTF ‘Superkits’ to ITF member nations who are keen to adopt, develop and grow Beach Tennis.

SANDEVER Superkits will include all the equipment required to set up a Beach Tennis court – a court kit, 4 paddles and 6 stage 2 balls – and provide nations with the tools needed to start playing and promoting the sport of Beach Tennis.

200 Superkits, adaptable for sand and grass, will be available through this new partnership.

Paolo Ceraudo, SANDEVER Beach Tennis Leader, added:

“SANDEVER is the new Decathlon brand, born for Beach Tennis. We want to encourage people to discover Beach Tennis all over the world.

Our products are designed by beach tennis players, for beach tennis players.

Our obsession is to imagine the best products to make each beach tennis session a great experience.

“To become partners of ITF is exactly what we wrote in our mission. SANDEVER is very happy to collaborate with ITF, together we will actively help Beach Tennis grow worldwide with our products ().

We believe in this healthy, fun and energic sport. This partnership is the start of a great collaboration.

We will work hard to achieve the best future for this wonderful sport.”

ITF Beach Tennis Manager, Farivar Tanhai said:
“The signing of SANDEVER as Global Development Partner for Beach Tennis is indeed a momentous achievement for our sport.

Their clear enthusiasm for Beach Tennis and its promotion worldwide means we will be able to reach more nations and explore more avenues to develop and grow this truly dynamic, exciting and entertaining sport.

We hope this is the start of a long-standing partnership and friendship with SANDEVER and look forward to working with them to achieve a brighter and better future for Beach Tennis.”


SANDEVER is the new Decathlon brand for Beach Tennis fans.

Decathlon started dreaming about giving beach tennis lovers, from beginners to experts, what they need for their passion after being an official sponsor of the Beach Tennis World Championships in 2017, 2018 and 2019.

The SANDEVER brand comes from a love for this sport, a perfect balance between fun, competition, fair play, and a healthy and beautiful sporting environment. —- ITTF
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