Baku to host joint tournament in artistic, acrobatic gymnastics

July 28, 2014: Azerbaijan Gymnastics Federation will hold another joint tournament in artistic and acrobatic gymnastics, as well as tumbling in Baku in the early days of August.

“The National Gymnastics Arena, which has successfully hosted competitions such as the European and Azerbaijan’s championships in rhythmic gymnastics, will host this event on August 6-7 prior to the spring qualifying tournament for the first

European Games to be held in the country’s capital next year,” Azerbaijan Gymnastics Federation said.

Unlike past years, the triple competitions will turn into quartet’s tournament. At this time the competition will bring together representatives of women’s gymnastics, including Anna Pavlova, the 2014 European Vice-Champion, who will show Baku spectators her flights skills on the uneven bars and pirouettes on the balance beam. She will also prove her ability to fly on the vault and ability to resist while performing in the floor exercises.

Some 80 athletes will participate in the event in total. They will represent four sports communities – Baku Gymnastics School, Republican Olympic Sports Lycee, Children-Youth Creative Center of Nizami district and “Neftchi Sports Club” Public Association.

Young artistic gymnasts, acrobats and tumblers will perform in the morning and afternoon sessions of competition’s first day, while late afternoon artistic gymnasts will name the absolute champion of the country.

The winners among acrobats and tumblers, in turn, will be announced on the second day of the tournament. Prize winners among senior artistic gymnasts will also be named on August 7. Meanwhile, main contenders for the “gold” are representatives of national team Oleg Stepko and Petro Pahnyuk.

National team’s trampolinists will demonstrate their skills among artistic gymnasts and acrobats during both days of the tournament.

Azerbaijan Gymnastics Federation has invited six foreign judges of the international category to take part in the sporting event.

Member of the Technical Committee of the International Gymnastics Federation, Latvia’s Arthur Mitskevich and two representatives to the Technical Committee of the European Union of Gymnastics, Croatian Mario Vuko and Russian Dmitry Andreev are among them.

Vice President of the Georgian Gymnastics Federation Besarion Gamsakhurdia, Secretary General of the Belarusian Gymnastics, Federation Andrei Fedorov and head coach of the Kazakh gymnastics school Alexander Kim will also be among the judges of the event.

Azerbaijan Gymnastics Federation is pleased to announce both days are open to those wishing to enjoy the performances of gymnasts and to revisit the National Gymnastics Arena.

The entrance to the events will be free. The competitions will start at 9.00 on August 6 and at 9.30 on August 7 at the National Gymnastics Arena. —- By Sara Rajabova

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