Representation for Para-Badminton Athletes

Kuala Lumpur, Nov 6, 2013: Para-badminton athletes will soon have their own representative body when they elect four persons to the newly-formed BWF Para-Badminton Athletes’ Commission. Five men and one woman have been nominated to contest the election this Friday, 8 November, at the BWF Para-Badminton World Championships 2013 in Dortmund, Germany.

The six candidates are (in alphabetical order): Raúl Eduardo Anguiano Araujo (Guatemala); Antony Forster (England); Richard Perot (France); Martin Rooke (England); Ilse van de Burgwal (Netherlands); and Yau Tiam Ann (Malaysia).

Athletes competing in the tournament will vote for four of these candidates to form the inaugural BWF Para-Badminton Athletes’ Commission whose establishment the BWF Council recently approved.

At least one person must be elected from a wheelchair sport class and one person must be elected from a standing sport class. Therefore, the four persons elected will be the persons with the highest number of votes from those two classes and the next two candidates with the highest number of votes.

To be eligible for election to the BWF Para-Badminton Athletes’ Commission, nominees must meet the following criteria:

• be at least 18 years of age and must not have been sanctioned for a doping offence during his/her playing career;

• be an active player, identified by presence on the BWF Para-Badminton World Ranking List at the time of his or her election;

• be from a disability sports organisation recognised by the BWF or a BWF Member in good standing.

The BWF Para-Badminton Athletes’ Commission members will be elected for four-year terms, with no limit of terms. Their role is to:

• liaise with players, organise players meetings at tournaments and canvas their views and opinions on rules and regulations, development and direction of para-badminton;

• represent the views of para-badminton athletes at BWF Para-Badminton Commission meetings; and

• report back to the players on outcomes of meetings and representations made at the BWF Para-Badminton Commission meetings.

Two representatives from the BWF Para-Badminton Athletes’ Commission will sit on the BWF Para-Badminton Commission, one being the Chair of the BWF Para-Badminton Athletes’ Commission. The other will be appointed by the BWF Council on the recommendation of the BWF Para-Badminton Commission to ensure where possible, diversity of representation – sport class (standing/wheelchair), gender (male/female) or regional representation.

The BWF Para-Badminton Commission is distinct from the BWF Para-Badminton Athletes’ Commission. The BWF Para-Badminton Commission provides expert advice to the BWF on the training, development and competition needs of those participating and competing in para-badminton. —- BWF

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