Athletes Committee: Election, Procedure and Application Form

Lausanne – April 27, 2012: Athletes Committee, The World Archery Athletes Committee—which has been partially re-elected in Turin in July 2011 during the World Archery Championships—will conduct a re-election of their 6th member representing the Field Archery. This will take place in Val d’Isere where the World Archery Field Championships will be held from 14-19 August 2012.

The Role of the Athletes Committee is to:

Advise Executive Board and Permanent Committees on matters they, as athletes, consider as requiring urgent attention subject to article 1.17.7

Assist Executive Board in improving the quality of World Archery (WA) competitions

Advise Executive Board on a code of conduct for athletes

Assist the Technical Committee in the testing of new equipment or new rules

There has been four Committee Members voted for at the World Archery Championships 2011, one Committee Member voted for at the World Archery Para Championships 2011 and one Committee Member will be voted for at the World Archery Field Championships in this Olympic year.

The five Members who are voted for at the World Archery Championships and World Archery Para Championships consist of one Member from each of the categories—Recurve Men, Recurve Women, Compound Men, Compound Women—and on Para-Archery representative who can be from either gender and from any category.

Term of office is four years.

Nominees do not have to be present at the World Championships.

There will be no more than one nomination per Member Association.

Nominees must:

Be endorsed by a Member Association

Have represented their Member Association in the past four years

The working language of the Committee will be English. Therefore, a good command of English is highly recommended. An elected nominee not being able to communicate in English will have to arrange for a translator/interpreter at his/her own cost.

Declare which category they wish to represent at the time of nomination (except for Para and Field Athletes)

Be a minimum of 18 years of age at the time of election

The rules applying to all Permanent Committees as listed in articles 1.16, 1.17 and 1.18 apply to the Athletes’ Committee Only archers participating in WA Field Championships are eligible to vote.

The voting will take place from 14 until 17 August 2012.

Archers will receive voting information during Equipment Inspection.

A voting booth will be available and manned by a WA Staff Member.

There will be no proxy votes.

Archers will receive their voting slip when they go to vote at the Voting Booth and they will receive a souvenir once they have cast their vote.

There will be a minimum of two candidates if there is only one candidate then they have to receive more than 50% of the votes cast including abstentions.

Votes will be counted by a commission composed of a WA Staff Member and a Member of the Executive Board.

If there is a tie in the elections then a re-vote may be organised by the Election Committee in consultation with the tied candidates.

The results of elections will be announced at the Closing Ceremonies.

If you are interested in representing the field Archery Athletes, please apply through your Member Association (MA) until 24 July 2012.

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