Protest for pride of performance for Muhammad Asif IBSF WORLD & ASIAN 6-RED SNOOKER CHAMPION

Karachi – Pakistan, Aug 15, 2013: According to the PBSA our ace Snooker Player, Muhammad Asif who is the current IBSF World Snooker Player Champion – 2012-13 and the Asian 6-Red Snooker Champion 2013-14, has not been nominated for the Pride of Performance Award.

In spite of repeated assurances and confirmation from the Director General – Pakistan Sports Board, Mr. Amir Hamza Gilani who had confirmed to the PBSA that they have nominated the name of Muhammad Asif for the Pride of Performance. It is surprising to note that Muhammad Asif’s remarkable achievements have been ignored by the present Government. The PBSA strongly condemns this discrimination with the sport of Snooker, as at present Muhammad Asif is the only athlete of Pakistan who is holding two major World and Asian titles.

Muhammad Asif, who has achieved unparalleled success by winning the IBSF World Snooker Championship – 2012-13 in Bulgaria and the ACBS Asian 6-Red Snooker Championship – 2013-14 in Qatar within a span of six months, but unfortunately he is being denied due recognition for his outstanding feats.

Furthermore, we also wish to place on record that almost seven months have passed by and Muhammad Asif is still awaiting his due announcement of Cash Award of Rs. 10 Million (Gold Medal) and the recent Rs. 5 Million (Gold Medal) as per the National Sports Policy Government for Medal Tally for winning the World and Asian titles for Pakistan.

The PBSA strongly feels that the Pride of Performance medals announced by the Government are not on merit and are biased. As the Game of Snooker is not being given due patronage by the Government and our players who are winning medals and bringing laurels for our beloved country are being denied recognition of their achievements.

The PBSA wish to forward their protest through the Press/Media to the honorable Prime Minister of Pakistan and the Ministry of Inter Provincial Co-ordination (IPC) to intervene and do justice by including the name of Muhammad Asif who has done our country proud for the Pride of Performance and also announce and release his Cash Award entitlement for both the above World and Asian events which he has won for the country.

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