Announcement of Virtual Axis Pakistan Open Tenpin Bowling Tournament 2014

Karachi, Nov 27, 2014: Virtual Axis Pakistan Open Tenpin Bowling Tournament 2014 is organized by Virtual Axis in collaboration with Collaboration of Sindh Tenpin Bowling Association (STBA) and under auspices of Pakistan Tenpin Bowling Federation (PTBF). under the category of Open Singles, Amateurs Singles, Women Singles, NOVICE, Doubles & 4 men Team Event from 28th to 30th November 2014 at Hotshot Arena, Karsaz, Karachi.

The closing date for the entry will be 27th November 2014 and Pakistan Tenpin Bowling Federation PTBF playing rules and regulations shall apply. It will also be one of the ranking tournaments in Sindh toward the Pakistan Tenpin Bowling Federation

It shall be pertinent to mention the driving force behind the tournament and the ensuing event. Khawaja Ahmed Mustaqeem CEO of Virtual Axis is the driving force. He is also participant as a player in the tournament.

One of the unique points of the tournament is the participants of around 50 women players in the tournament that is for the first time in Pakistan’s Ten pin Bowling History. CEO Virtual Axis is striving hard to popularize Tenpin Bowling game at Schools and colleges level. He is trying hard to get dignified sponsors for Bowling Game.

Aleem Agha(Vice President, Pakistan Tenpin Bowling Federation Romis Ali (Joint Secretary of PTBF & Khawaja Ahmed Mustaqeem, CEO, Virtual Axis , said in joint statement addressing the Media on Tuesday. Promotions of the game HE said that Virtual Axis is one and only sponsor that have unconditionally supported the game.

“The Vice President of Pakistan Tenpin Bowling Federation Mr. Aleem Agha while addressing to media said that we have very talented people in Pakistan, we just need to train and unleash them and we do have the capacity to compete internationally. All efforts are being made with meager funds to provide Pakistan Bowlers Professional Trainer .He said that the federation is promoting the game at its own and appealed from the government to support the said game as it is the most trending game of future.

Players will be awarding with prestigious awards, certificates and Cash Prizes upto PKR 300,000 in Finals of Virtual Axis Pakistan Open Tenpin Bowling Tournament 2014. PTBF / STBA is the only legitimate body which is playing a vital role in promoting bowling and aiming to produce bowling stars to glorify Pakistan internationally. Numbers of new players have joined PTBF / STBA which is the result of dynamic efforts made by the Association. “Once the player will qualify for their respective category then Round 1 will be played on 28th November and it will then proceeds towards Round 2 & Finals on 29th & 30th November 2014” said Romis Ali Joint Secretary PTBF & General Secretary of STBA. —- STBA

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