World # 1 Snooker Champion Mohammad Asif

Karachi – Pakistan, Mar 18, 2013: Dear Readers, please find below an exclusive interview of World # 1 Snooker Champion, Mohammad Asif. This interview has been taken on 18th-March-2013 at Karachi Gymkhana during National Snooker Championship 2013.

Mohammad: Assalom-o-Alaikum. How are you sir?

Asif: Walikumas Salam. I am fine Shukar Al Hamdollillah.

Mohammad: First of all, congratulations on your wonderful victory in World Championship. You are now World No: 1 player! How are you feeling now?

Asif: Thank you so much. Yes of course, it is the result of my hard work. And what should I say about my feelings. You understand my feelings! When you are world champion you …..

Mohammad: Only two players i.e. Mohammad Yusuf and you win this title. Our other player did not get this, what is the reason?

Asif: Actually in Pakistan, snooker is almost over. Comparing the other countries, we have lacked of tables, coaches, academies, events etc. Federation & Government also did not play their responsibility.

Mohammad: What about talent in Pakistan. What is your thinking about talent?

Asif: Don’t ask about talent. There is a lot of talent in Pakistan. We have only to give chances to discover it.

Mohammad: So if there is talent as you say, what is the reason that we don’t produce great player in numbers?

Asif: Our players are now not taking keen interest in snooker. They have different responsibilities. They do jobs to support their families because you earning from snooker is almost zero. In such routine, how they get time for practiced.

Mohammad: Is national events are useful for this purpose?

Asif: Yes of course, these events are very useful. In fact, I think that we have to increase the events. If you go in Thailand, you find that every year there are almost 15 to 20 events listed. In Pakistan, there are only 4 events. Due to this, we have also the lack of sponsor in this game.

Mohammad: In current situation of Pakistan, players of different countries are not coming. Recently, Indian team cancelled out his program. Is this effect our snooker?

Asif: Yes, it badly affects the snooker. Our players are also suffering by this kind of things.

Mohammad: Our players are failed to perform in other countries! Why? What is the reason? Are they having lack of confidence?

Asif: No, I don’t think so. But in other countries, there are heaters below the table which boost up the speed of ball. This suffered our player most. Otherwise, our players are very energetic & confident.

Mohammad: OK! Let me asked now some personal Questions? Nobody knows about you but when you win the world cup you became the famous!

Asif: Yes. It’s all because of my family prayers, my nation’s prayers. Otherwise, I am nothing.

Mohammad: (Smiling) but yesterday you lost match with Ishtiyaq!

Asif: (Smiling) yes, but it is a game. Just chilled up and play. Hahaha. Every champion one day lose his position.

Mohammad: Do you have any plans to open the snooker academy?

Asif: Yes, I want to open snooker academy. But a lot of money is required for this purpose. But Insha Allah I try my best and do all effort by which academy will open.

Mohammad: How you start to play snooker! By whom you are most inspired?

Asif: In my childhood. Instead of going school, I go to snooker club shop to play with my friends. From there, it was my starting. (Pointing the Mohammad) but you don’t do this. Directly go to university. Hahaha. And M. Yusuf inspired me most.

Mohammad: sir I directly go to my university. I am a good boy. Hahaha. Any message to your fans or young players?

Asif: Always pray for me. Make Dua for me. And for young players, work hard always play with spirit of win.

Mohammad: Any message for Government or to snooker federation?

Asif: For both, make academies, provide experienced coaches, give jobs, rise the events, boost up the prize money, promote the game among the people.

Mohammad: Thank you so much. Take care. Allah Hafiz

Asif: My pleasure. Allah Hafiz. —-  By Hafiz Mohammad Desai, Special Correspondent TOS

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