ALVAREZ and TIMOFEEVA burst on World Cup

World Archery News, June 25, 2012: At just 21 years old, Luis ALVAREZ (MEX) was impressive in the final of the Ogden World Cup! His victory offered him a trip to the World Cup Final in Tokyo! TIMOFEEVA (RUS) did even better! At 19 years old, she won the individual and team categories at the World Cup Stage 3 in Ogden!

All the recurve finals were shot in Ogden today: individuals, teams and mixed teams.

Recurve Men – 1st Place Match

Luis A. ALVAREZ (MEX/12) v Laurence GODFREY (GBR/6)

ALVAREZ is No. 92 in the world ranking and is a relative new comer to the international stage. GODFREY is currently ranked No. 16 in the world and has been ranked has high as No. 2 in the world ranking. Both archers have never won an individual gold medal at a World Cup event and were looking for their first. This was also the first time the two have met head to head. For a little added pressure ALVAREZ had to win this match to make it to the World Cup Final.

In the first set both archers shot very well. GODFREY shot a 9-9-10 but ALVAREZ shot a 10-9-10 to take the set. After two arrows the archers were tied at 17 points. GODFREY final arrow was a 9 but once again ALVAREZ wins by 1 point shooting a 10. After two sets ALVAREZ leads 4-0. GODFREY surrounded the 10 ring in the third set shooting 9-9-9. ALVAREZ really wanted to go to Tokyo shooting a 10-10-8 to win the gold medal and get his spot in the World Cup Final.

Today we had Great Britain national team archer Michael PEART helping with the web commentaries. Here is his take on the match: I was hoping for another great GBR result but ALVAREZ never let Larry in. GODFREY just missed out by one point on each set to loose 6-0. ALVAREZ and GODFREY will both be heading off to the World Cup final in September, lets hope we see a rematch!

Recurve Men – 3rd Place Match

Gael PREVOST (FRA/16) v Tarundeep RAI (IND/34)

PREVOST reached the World Cup Final last year where he finished 4th. His current world ranking is No. 13 and his opponent’s world ranking is No. 37. RAI also has not finished higher than 4th individually at a World Cup event. This is the first time the two archers have shot head to head against each other. PREVOST shot a 29 to RAI’s 28 to win the first set. RAI shot an 8-10-8 for 26 points in the set. PREVOST started strong shooting a 10 but had a slight gaffe shooting a 7-8 to finish the end. RAI took the set drawing the match at 2-2.

In the third set PREVOST shot 9-8-10. RAI shot a 10-8 and needed a 10 to win the set. He shot an X10 to win the set and take the lead 4-2. PREVOST shot 9-9-10 and RAI matched him shooting 9-9-10 bringing the score to 5-3. PREVOST had to win the fifth set to force a shoot-off and avoid a loss. PREVOST shot a 9-10-9 and RAI shot an 8-10 needing a 10 to win the match. He shot an 8 to give PREVOST the set and causing a shoot-off. PREVOST shot first and he had an X10 just to the left of the spider. RAI would need an excellent shot to win. He shot a right 8 which means PREVOST gets the bronze medal and a ticket to Tokyo.

Michael PEART:

A real nail biting match, edge of your seat action. And PREVOST shooting the cross out to win was a fitting end to a great match in world cup history.

Recurve Women – 1st Place Match

Jennifer NICHOLS (USA/9) v Kristina TIMOFEEVA (RUS/27)

Both archers will be looking for their first World Cup gold medal. TIMOFEEVA recently moved to the adult ranks from the junior division where she was the world indoor champion earlier in 2012. NICHOLS has considerably more experience having competed internationally since 2003. NICHOLS is apart of the US team that won the Olympic Qualifying Tournament earlier this week. TIMOFEEVA easily took the first set 27-24. All of the arrows shot in the first end were low. NICHOLS shot a 7-9 and TIMOFEEVA shot a 7-9 for a tie score with one arrow left in the end. NICHOLS final arrow was an 8 and TIMOFEEVAs final arrow was a 9 to take the set. TIMOFEEVA leads 4-0.

NICHOLS started with a strong 10 but followed it with an 8-7. TIMOFEEVA shot 8-8-8 to give NICHOLS the set. All of TIMOFEEVAs arrows were in the upper left side of the 8 ring. After three sets TIMOFEEVA leads 4-2. NICHOLS trying to avoid a loss shot a 9-9-9. TIMOFEEVA had a great set shooting a 10-10-9 to win the match 6-2. Victory for TIMOFEEVA.

Recurve Women – 3rd Place Match

Alejandra VALENCIA (MEX/4) v Magali FOULON (ESP/74) – 3rd Place Match

FOULON who was making a surprise appearance in the bronze medal match was seeded No. 74 and is ranked No. 84 in the world. Her opponent who was the favourite is ranked No. 9 in the world and was seeded No. 4. VALENCIA finished 5th in the World Cup Final last year and will be competing in the team gold medal match in Ogden.

In the first two arrows of the match FOULON struggled to find the gold shooting a 5-6. After a few adjustments she shot a 9 for a score of 20 points. VALENCIA shot an 8-8-9 to take the opening set. FOULON continued to struggle shooting a 9-7-7. Her opponent won the set with a perfect 30 points. VALENCIA led the match 4-0. FOULON had a better end shooting a 27 (8-10-9). VALENCIA shot a 9-9 and needed a 10 to clinch the match. She shot a 10 for a straight set victory, 6-0!

The view of Michael PEART:

VALENCIA never let up and thumped a 6 nill win over FOULON. It was a very one sided affair but still great to watch such a world class match.

Recurve Men Team – 1st Place Match

United States of America (USA/1) v India (IND/7)

In matches between these two teams India has won the majority 8-3. However the three wins USA has are the most recent matches. The last time India beat the USA was in 2010 at the World Cup in Shanghai. USA is ranked No. 1 in the world and India is ranked No. 5. Jake KAMINSKI opened the match with a left 9. Jacob WUKIE followed it with a 9 on the same side of the target. Brady ELLISON shot an 8 to close out the opening arrows. India shot a 10-7-8 to give the US a one point lead. USA shot another 8-9-9 to finish the first end. India finished with a strong 9-10-10 to take a 2 point lead 54-52. USA started a comeback shooting a 10-10-8 but India did one better shooting a 9-10-10. USA continued their strong shooting a 9-10-9 for 108 points after 12 arrows. India matched them once again shooting a 10-9-9 to bring the score to 111-108.

USA started the second half by shooting an 8-9-10. India shot an 8-9-7 making it a tie score with 9 arrows remaining. USA finished the shooting a 9-10-10 for 164 total points. India shot 8-10-9 to give USA a 2 point lead with one end left.

India started the last end by shooting an 8-9-9. USA shot a 6-8-9 in a shifting gusty wind. India led by one point with 3 arrows left in the match. They finished by shooting a 10-7-8 leaving the door open for USA to win the match. USA shot a 9-9 they needed an 8 to tie a 9 to win and ELLISON shot an 8 to tie the match at 213 points and forcing a shoot-off.

In the shoot-off KAMINSKI started for the USA shooting a high 9. India matched in shooting a 9. USAs WUKIE then shot a 10 on the right side of the X ring. India shot a 9. USA finished with another high 9. India needed to shoot a good 10 to win but they shot a right 9. Gold medal USA 213(28)-213(27).

The view of Michael PEART:

Great match start to finish with no team pulling ahead. It got really windy on the last end with both teams dropping points to end on a tie. USA shooting a great 28 to win in the shoot-off.

Recurve Men Team – 3rd Place Match

Great Britain (GBR/4) v Italy (ITA/11)

Since 2011 Great Britain and Italy have met six times head to head. The record is an even split with each team winning three matches. The two most recent meeting were at the European Championships and the European Grand Prix where Italy won both by as much as 11 points. Italy is currently ranked No. 7 in the world and Great Britain is ranked No. 8. The GBR team did shoot well this weekend qualifying 4th so there is no real favourite. This was a grudge match of the Euro Football quarterfinal match that happened earlier in the day.

Olympic bronze medallist Simon TERRY opened the match for GBR with a 10 his teammates shot 9-9 for a strong start to the match. Italy shot a 9-9-9 for their first three arrows trailing their opponent by one point. The team from Great Britain matched their first three arrows 9-10-9. Italy started well shooting a 9-9 but FRANGILLI shot a 7 to finish the first end. Italy had an excellent group just in the 9 ring that was just a little bit high of the 10.

Russia trailed GBR 56-52 going into the second end. Italy shot a 10-9-9 to open the second end. GBR shot a 9-9-9 in gusting winds. 10-10-8 for a 108 after 12 arrows. 8-X10 7 to tie 8 to take a one point lead. GODFREY shot a 10 for a 3-point lead at 111-108.

Italy started the match shooting an 8-9-10 to GBRs 8-9-10. Italy finished the third end shooting an 8-9-8 to bring their score to 160 points. GBR finished with an 8-9-10 increasing their lead to 5 points. GBR leads Italy 165-160 with one end to go. Italy shot a 9-9-9 surrounding the 10 ring to start the last end. GBR shot a 10-9-10 adding to their already substantial lead. Italy finished the match shooting an 8-9-6. GBR shot a 10-9-10 they didn’t even have to shoot their last arrow to win. Third place for Great Britain 223-210.

The view of Michael PEART:

The British boys once again show they are a world class force and that their gold medal at the last leg in Antalya was no fluke.

Recurve Women Team – 1st Place Match

Mexico (MEX/1) v Russia (RUS/2)

The last time these two teams met at a World Cup was in the bronze medal match in Shanghai last year where Mexico won 216-207. Both teams shot very well this weekend and they are right next to each other in the world rankings so it should be a tight match. Russia opened the match shooting 8-8-9. The wind picked up significantly as Mexico prepared to shoot. They shot a 7-8-8 for a two point deficit after three arrows. Russia finished with a 9-8-8 and Mexico finished a 7-7-9. After 6 arrows Russia leads 50-46. Mexico could only match Russia in the second end shooting a 52, bringing the score to 102-98.

Mexico continued to struggle in the third end shooting an 8-6-9. Russia shot 9-6-9 increasing their lead by one point. Mexico shot a 10-8-8 for a 147. Russia shot their best three arrows of the match shooting a 9-9-10. With 6 arrows remaining Russia leads 154-147.

Mexico’s troubles continued in the first three arrows of the last end. They shot an 8-4-10 to Russia’s 9-8-9. In their final arrows Mexico shot a 9-9-8. Russia needed 16 points in the last three arrows to win the match. They shot 8-8 to tie the score they only needed a hit to win and they shot an 8. Victory for Russia 204-195.

The view of Michael PEART:

Mexico had been good all week with a fantastic performance to win their Olympic team place. Today they never really seemed to get started and Russia just steamed ahead. Maybe this final was one match too many for the Mexicans.

Recurve Women Team – 3rd Place Match

United States of America (USA/4) v Germany (GER/6)

The last time these two teams met was at the World Cup in Porec in 2010. Germany won the match 204-201. USA is coming off a gold medal in the Olympic Qualifying Tournament where they beat Mexico in a shoot-off.

Miranda LEEK was the first to shoot for USA and she shot a miss off the left side of the target. Her teammates followed it up with a 10-9. Germany shot a 9-9-10 for a 9 point lead. The USA continued to struggle in the last three arrows of the first end. They shot 8-9-8 to Germanys 9-9-8 bringing the score to 54-44.

USA started the second end with 9-9-7. Germany did no better shooting 8-7-8. USA continued their comeback shooting a 9-10-9 for 97 points after 12 arrows. Germany shot a 10-7-8 bringing their lead to 5 points. Germany led 102-97 at the half. USA chipped away at Germany’s lead shooting an 8-10-9 to Germany’s 8-7-6. USA then stole the lead shooting a 9-8-10 to Germany’s 8-10-7 for a 3 point lead. USA led 151 to 148 with 6 arrows remaining.

Germany opened the last end strong shooting a 9-10-10. USA shot a 9-9-10 to bring the score to 180-178 with three arrows remaining. Germany then shot a 9-7-X10. USA needed 25 points to win. They shot 9-9 and Jennifer NICHOLS needed to a 7 or better to take the win, NICHOLS shot an 8. USA wins bronze 206-204.

The view of Michael PEART:

USA shot a great match to come back from such a bad start. That miss with the first shot would have normally ended the match before it started but with great shooting they turned it around to claim a great bronze medal win.

Recurve Mixed Team – 1st Place Match

United States of America (USA/3) v Russia (RUS/1)

USA is ranked No. 2 in the world rankings and Russia is ranked No. 13. In the semifinals Russia narrowly beat Japan in a shoot-off. They will have another tough match against Olympian Jennifer NICHOLS and No. 1 ranked archer in the world Brady ELLISON. Russia began the match shooting an 8-9 to USAs 10-9. Russia then shot a 9-9 to USA’s 9-9 giving the American team a two point lead 37-35.

Russia shot a 10-9 and the USA shot a 10-10 increasing their lead to 3 points. Russia shot 9-X10 with both of their 9s just high of the 10 ring. USA shot a 9-8 brining their lead to 1 point 74-73.

Russia shot their first arrow in a gust of wind sending it left into the 6 ring. They followed it with a left 9. USA shot a beautiful 10-10. Russia shot 10-7 for 105 points after 12 arrows. USA finished with a 9-8 for 111 points and a 6 point lead with one end to go.

In the first arrows of the last end Russia shot a 10-7 to USAs 10-9. Russia finished with a 7-8 for 137 points. ELLISON needed an 8 to win and he shot a 10 followed by a 10 from NICHOLS. ELLISON, and NICHOLS, earned one more win in a World Cup, 150-137!

The view of Michael PEART:

What a great match, USA just smashed Russia by 13 points. USA pulled ahead on the first end and never looked back. That was a world class show, great for this home crowd to watch.

This concluded the third and final World Stage of the season. This was also the end of four wonderful years in Ogden, which hosted the World Archery Youth Championships in 2009 and then three World Cup stages! Thank you to the wonderful people in the Organising Committee, the Easton Foundation and all the great volunteers!

Next stop: the London Olympic Games and the Archery World Cup Final in Tokyo!


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