New Council of Badminton World Federation elected for 2017-2021

By Gayle Alleyne, Gold Coast, Australia, May 20, 2017: New BWF Council, The Badminton World Federation has welcomed seven new members to the BWF Council.

In addition, 11 incumbent BWF Council members were re-elected at the BWF Annual General Meeting in Gold Coast, Australia, today.

The newcomers are (in alphabetical order of member association) Tang Jiu Hong (China); Moosa Nashid (Maldives); Battushig Batbold (Mongolia); Danlami Zama Sanchi (Nigeria);

Emma Mason (Scotland); Robbert de Kock (Switzerland); and Khunying Patama Leeswadtrakul (Thailand).

Those re-elected to serve another four years are (in alphabetical order of member association): Wayne Somers (Canada); Nora Perry (England); Etienne Thobois (France);

Jassem Kanso (Lebanon); Lim Teong Kiat (Malaysia); Nigel Skelt (New Zealand); Sergey Shakhray (Russia); Ng Yoke Weng (Singapore); Peter Tarcala (Slovakia); David Cabello (Spain); and Chipo Zumburani (Zimbabwe).

These 18 will join BWF President Poul-Erik Høyer (Denmark); BWF Deputy President Gustavo Salazar Delgado (Peru); and BWF Vice-President Para-Badminton, Paul Kurzo (Switzerland), on the 27-member body.

These three were re-elected unopposed today.

The remaining six places on the BWF Council are taken by five continental Vice-Presidents and the Chair of the BWF Athletes’ Commission.

Twenty-six of the original 35 candidates stood for election with eight withdrawals between the close of nominations in late February and the elections. Those withdrawing were (in alphabetical order of member association): Li Lingwei (China); Mehdi Anvari (Iran);

Richard Vaughan (Ireland); Mohamed Al-Amin Haji Abdul Majid (Malaysia); Raj Gaya (Mauritius); Omar Bellali (Morocco); Tukebana Michel Bau (Seychelles); and Professor Ranjit de Silva (Sri Lanka).

The other candidate whose name was removed from the list was the late Dr. Akhilesh Das Gupta of India who died last month.


President – Poul-Erik Høyer (Denmark)

Deputy President – Gustavo Salazar Delgado (Peru)

BWF Vice-President Para-Badminton – Paul Kurzo (Switzerland)

The above three officials were re-elected unopposed

The 18 persons below were elected by the BWF membership today. They are listed by name, member association and number of votes polled (highest total first).

David Cabello – Spain – 256
Etienne Thobois – France – 242
Nora Perry – England – 239
Peter Tarcala – Slovakia – 238
Tang Jiu Hong – China – 237
Lim Teong Kiat – Malaysia – 236
Nigel Skelt – New Zealand – 232
Chipo Zumburani – Zimbabwe – 226
Khunying Patama Leeswadtrakul – Thailand – 224
Sergey Shakhray – Russia – 224
Wayne Somers – Canada – 223
Emma Mason – Scotland – 222
Robbert de Kock – Switzerland – 217
Jassem Kanso – Lebanon – 206
Ng Yoke Weng – Singapore – 202
Moosa Nashid – Maldives – 195
Battushig Batbold – Mongolia – 186
Danlami Zama Sanchi – Nigeria – 186.

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