Update on 2022 Commonwealth Games

London, April 28, 2017: 2022 Commonwealth Games, David Grevemberg CBE, Chief Executive Officer of the Commonwealth Games Federation said:

“Australia, Canada, Malaysia and the United Kingdom have submitted to the Commonwealth Games Federation expressions of interest in hosting the 2022 Commonwealth Games.

This is the first step in a collaborative process that will see a clear and detailed set of criteria applied to any Games hosting ambitions. The process has been streamlined to be as agile as possible given the time available and to minimize costs for potential hosts, whilst maintaining the transformative ambitions of the Commonwealth Sports Movement.

An expert CGF Review Team will work with each country in the evaluation of proposals of potential host cities. This will include a rigorous on-the-ground feasibility assessment and dialogue regarding hosting capacity and capability, resourcing and legacy ambitions, before a recommendation is made to the CGF Executive Board for final review and decision.

Based on the number of interested parties it is not expected that the process will finally conclude until early Autumn.

We are delighted with the level of initial interest expressed by nations across the Commonwealth and look forward to working with all parties as plans develop for a Games to be proud of in 2022.” —- CGF

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