17 players candidate for IHF Athletes’ Commission

Basel, Dec 3, 2013: The dice has cast, and all aspirants are confirmed: 17 players from all over the world have been nominated by their National Federations to candidate for the first ever IHF Athletes’ Commission. The election process will be staged from 8-10 December 2013.

As decided by the IHF Council and confirmed by the IHF Congress in Doha the Athletes’ Commission will be elected by players and will represent players in all major IHF decisions. The Athletes’ Commission will be composed of five members with at least two members from each gender. The Chairman or Chairwoman of this new Commission will be full member of the IHF Council. The IHF Athletes’ Commission shall establish a link between athletes and the IHF.

“The International Handball Federation is impressed by the number and the experience of all candidates and by the fact that those nominated players represent the global handball. The upcoming members of this new commission are highly important for the International Handball Federation, and we wish those, who elect the IHF Athletes’ Commission, a good choice for their representatives,” said IHF President Dr. Hassan Moustafa.

All male and female players, who participated or will participate in the respective 2013 World Championships in Spain (men) and Serbia (women) are eligible to vote for the candidates.

The voting process starts at 8 December, 0:00 hrs CET and ends at 10 December 23.59 hrs. CET. The voting will be conducted online. All National Federation, which took part in the Men’s 2013 World Championship will receive access codes for their players, all female players participating in Serbia will receive their access codes on-site. Each male or female players has up to five votes.

The following players candidate for the new IHF Athletes’ Commission (in alphabetical order):

• Karoline Dyhre Breivang (Norway)

• Gonzalo Mathias Carou (Argentina)

• Domagoj Duvnjak (Croatia)

• Jerome Fernandez (France)

• Gergely Harsanyi (Hungary)

• Tobias Karlsson (Sweden)

• Kathy Kent (Australia)

• Domink Klein (Germany)

• Andres Kogovsek (Argentina)

• Marcelina Kiala (Angola)

• Heykel Megannem (Tunisia)

• Mohamed Nakib Bakir (Egypt)

• Alexandra do Nascimento (Brazil)

• Karel Nocar (Cezch Republic)

• Albert Rocas Comas (Spain)

• Nemanja Subotic (Australia)

• Clara Woltering (Germany).

The elected members of the IHF Athletes’ Commission will be announced on the final weekend of the 2013 Women’s World Championship in Serbia. The candidate who wins the largest number of votes will be the chairperson of the Athletes’ Commission. —- IHF

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