Karachi-Press Release: The Yongmoodo Korean Martial Art Yongmoodo has been launch in Pakistan by Rizwan Mustafa Zubairi, the certified trainer and international Master Instructor from World Yongmoodo Federation, Korea.

The first two days instructor training seminar has been conducted by the President and founder of Pakistan Yong Moo Do Federation Master Zubairi which comprises of basic Yong Moo Do techniques including Dan Jun Breathing, locks, swiping and kicking techniques. The seminar is officially approve and sanctioned from World Yong Moo Do Federation secretary general Grandmaster Sae Yong Oh.

Master Zubairi informed that Yong Moo Do is the martial arts of 21 st century and technically this system met all the requirements of Pakistan Martial Arts Society. Master Zubairi has inducted Master Shabbir Hussain and Master Rehman Shah as Vice President in Pakistan Yong Moo Do Federation.

Over 50 martial artists include the following black belts has participated during the two-days training seminar at Karachi Taekwondo Academy from 15 th and 16 th October 2011.

1.    Master Shabbir Hussain
2.    Master Rehman Shah
3.    Sarfaraz Ali
4.    Muhammad Shoaib
5.    Muhammad Talha
6.    Irshad Khan
7.    Safdar Ali
8.    Abid Alam Siddiqui
9.    Abdul Hadi Siddiqui
10.    Alamgir Shah
11.    Muhammad Shakir
12.    Sohail Khan.
13.    Muhammad Faizan Khan
14.    Muhammad Zubair

Master Zubairi has been in martial arts for over 30 years and is promoting Korean Martial Arts from Zubairi’s Martial Arts Centre since 1983 in Pakistan.

Master Wajid Raza Isfahani
Media Secretary.
Pakistan Yongmoodo Federation (Since 2011)
Zubairi’s Martial Arts Centre (Since 1983)

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