Yong Moo Do seminar at Pakistan Sports Board

(By Our Representative)-Karachi – Pakistan, June 23, 2012: The Pakistan Yong Moo Do Federation has conducted 2nd Yong Moo Do training seminar at Pakistan Sports Board PSB, Karachi Centre, on June 10, 2012.

The President and Founder of Yong Moo Do Rizwan Mustafa Zubairi in Pakistan has conducted the seminar among the most senior masters and instructors of various discipline in martial arts, they have shown their interest to learn and achieving excellence in Korean martial arts of 21 st century.

Master Zubairi has taught Yong Moo Do, Dan Juan Breathing, stances, front, side and back falls, Kicking, punching techniques in standing and sitting position as well as different motions of ground fighting techniques. The seminar is officially sanctioned and approved from World Yong Moo Do Federation, Korea.

The following black belts have attended the Seminar and join Pakistan Yong Moo Do Federation.

Abdul Rahim, Nadeem Muhammad Khan, Nasir Ali, Danish Khan, Ahmed Deen, Mubashir Hassan, Ahsan Khan were the senior martial arts Master instructors from Karachi city and many color belts enjoying the new Korean Martial Arts in Pakistan.

Ms Farah Riaz Ahmed the sports co-ordinator at Karachi City District Government and Ms Abida Zahid The director physical education has witness the seminar and talk to all participants. Master Zubairi has been promoting Korean Martial arts in Pakistan from his platform of Zubairi’s Martial Arts Centre (The Institute of Martial Arts) since 1983.He has got specialized training in Korean Martial Arts from Korea.


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