5th National Women Judo Championships 2012 – Rawalpindi

5th National Women Judo Championships 2012 – Rawalpindi

(Peshawar-Pakistan) April 06, 2012: Pakistan Judo Federation in collaboration with Pakistan Army Sports Directorate at last going to start the Mega Women Judo Sports event i.e. 5th Women National Judo Championship-2012 by tomorrow on April 7th, 2012 at Pakistan Army Sports Directorate, Gymnasium No:03, RAWALPINDI.

In this event, besides the THREE Provinces, Islamabad, FATA, Thirteen (13) major departments of Pakistan are also participating in which Pakistan Army, Pakistan Wapda, Pakistan Navy, Pakistan Police, and H.E.C are prominent. Pakistan Navy and FATA are the first time participator in any Women National Judo Championship. All the National & International Female Players of Pakistan are participating and they will strive for the best to win the TOP positions of the Championship.

Please find below complete program:

TITLE: 5th National Women Judo Championships 2012 – RAWALPINDI.

Organizer & Host : Army Sports Directorate in collaboration with Pakistan Judo Federation


DATES : 6th – 8th April 2012


a) Below 40 Kg b) Below 44 Kg

c) Below 48 Kg d) Below 52 Kg

e) Below 57 Kg f) Below 63 Kg

i) Below 70 Kg j) Open Weight

Championship Details:

Day 1 : Friday: 6 April 2012

19:00 Arrival of Teams & Officials.

Day 2 : Saturday: 7 April 2012

10:00 Managers’ Meeting.(Army Sports Directorate, Hilal Road, Rawalpindi)

11:00 Referees & Technical Meeting.

12:00 Draws/Un Official Weight(Open Weight, -40 Kg, -44 Kg ) (Army Sports Directorate, Hilal Road, Rawalpindi)

13:00 Official Weight in: (Open Weight, -40 Kg, -44 Kg )

14:30-15:00 Opening Ceremony & Competitions

15:00 Preliminary Round

19:30 Day Finals

Day 3: Sunday: 8 April 2012

06:00-07:00 Un-Official Weight in: (-48 Kg, -52 Kg, -57 Kg, -63 Kg,-70 Kg)

07:00-07:30 Official Weight in: (-48 Kg, -52 Kg, -57 Kg, -63 Kg,-70 Kg)

10:00-13:00 Preliminary Round

18:00 Final Competitions

19:30 Closing Ceremony & Prize Distribution

Day 4: Monday: 9 April 2012 Departure of Teams & Officials

General Information & Regulations

1. Contest Duration: Duration of the contest will be Five (05) minutes (Real Time)

2. Team Composition: Each Team may comprise of 10 members (08 Players & 01 Manager/01 Coach)

3. Weight Margins: NO Margin will be allowed during weigh-in

4. System of Competition / Contest: 5th National Women Judo Championship will be contested on Knock Out Basis and according to the New Rules of International Judo Federation

5. JUDOGI: All players must accompany their Judogi in Blue and White with White T Shirt.

6. Entries: A player will be allowed to participate only in his own group or open weight. All entries must reach to the organizers / PJF Office Peshawar before 5th April 2012 on the form. And all the Departments/Units are restricted to take N.O.C for their Players from their Provincial Judo Secretaries otherwise they are bound that the Players representing their Unit/Department must have achieved the Training of at least 3-Months’ time period.

7. Ceremonies: Contestants are required to the Opening, Awarding and Closing Ceremonies in proper Judogi. It is also expected that teams will have a uniform appearance.

8. Departmental / Unit Flag: Each member unit is required to bring two flags for representation of their unit.

9. General Hygiene: All team members should keep take care of good hygiene and clean judo uniform.

10. Reimbursement: NO TA/DA will be admissible to the Departments.

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