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UFC GYM India announces partnership with MMA India Federation and IMMAF to develop amateur MMA talent throughout India

London, March 17, 2021: UFC GYM® India today announced a new joint partnership with the MMA India Federation, a member of IMMAF, the governing body of amateur MMA, to launch a national talent and scouting program as part of its continued efforts to develop amateur MMA throughout India.

The new program will be led by IMMAF licensed coaches from the MMA India Federation, and coaches will recruit and invite amateur athletes to local UFC GYM franchises for a membership to continue their training.

As part of this collaboration, UFC GYM India will also provide amateur athletes locations to try out for select MMA India events.

The MMA India Federation is the governing body for amateur MMA, covering 24 states and three union territories throughout the country.

This partnership will provide UFC GYM India with an unprecedented grassroots opportunity to grow the organization’s overall awareness to the nation’s more than 1.38 billion residents.

“We honor to partner with IMMAF and UFC GYM India to launch our regional talent scouting program to help build a talented roster of amateur MMA talent that could potentially comprise India’s national amateur team for the IMMAF International Championships,” MMA India Federation President Sharif Bapu said.

In 2017, UFC GYM announced its partnership with UFC GYM India to launch 100 gym locations throughout India by 2027, representing the largest partnership agreement in UFC GYM history.

“UFC GYM India, IMMAF and MMA India share a common vision to mentor, train and groom the next generation of MMA athletes from India,” UFC GYM India Managing Director Istayak Ansari commented.

“We will be supporting the selection of amateur MMA athletes by the MMA India Federation and IMMAF, by providing membership and coaching at our select gyms across India.

Our goal is to collectively help create the next generation of MMA athletes who will represent India in future professional combat sports events and hopefully UFC.”

Since debuting in 2009, UFC GYM has opened more than 170 locations and is in development in over 37 countries around the world, training a global community of more than 125,000 members.

“We’re thrilled to support the continued development and growth of MMA throughout India, while also raising awareness for UFC GYM’s TRAIN DIFFERENT® mentality and programming for fitness enthusiasts of all ages and athletic abilities,” UFC GYM Chief Executive Officer Adam Sedlack said.

“India is a burgeoning market for UFC GYM and we can’t wait to show our world-class facilities and overall fitness offerings as part of this new and amazing program.”

Established in 2012, the International Mixed Martial Arts Federation (IMMAF) the global governing body for amateur MMA, with national representative organizations in 120 countries across five continents, with more than 45 recognized by their National Olympic Committee or Ministry of Sport.

“On behalf of IMMAF, I would like to congratulate the MMA India Federation and UFC GYM India on sealing this seminal partnership, with its huge potential to foster significant development to recreational and amateur MMA in India,” IMMAF President Kerrith Brown said.

“Credit is due to the committed work and exemplary organization of MMA India, and to Istayak Ansari’s vision and support of well governed MMA and talent pathways.”

As the international governing body, IMMAF has developed the first international, unified rules, regulations and standards for amateur MMA.

The organization has also developed and implemented the first internationally recognized grading systems, coaches and officials licensing systems, across IMMAF member nations. —- IMMAF

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