Synergy between the IJF / Teddy Riner to promote the values of judo

JOINT DECLARATION: IJF News, Nov 16, 2011: At the triple initiative of Marius L. Vizer, President of the International Judo Federation, the French Judo Federation and the five-time Judo World Champion, Teddy Riner, a meeting was held on Friday, November 11, 2011, at the IJF President’s office, in Budapest (Synergy IJF Teddy Riner).

The main subject of the meeting was the incident caused by the article publish by the, last August, and the words of Teddy Riner, hours before the World Championships in Paris. Teddy Riner regrets the comments that were made about statements based on a misunderstanding of the past of President Vizer as a judoka who was an athlete, a coach and is currently 6th dan. He also understand that an exaggerated demonstration of enthusiasm on the occasion of a victory is not compatible with the spirit of judo and the necessary control of the emotions that a champion must show.

Teddy Riner’s father, who until now has always been playing an important role in the education and the training of his son, conceding great efforts for his successes and his career, also participated in the discussions. President Marius Vizer was keen to stress the significance of the judo values both on sports and education dimensions, all well as in terms of image and integration in the society. The difference that marks the border between our sport and other disciplines is based on indisputable values: politeness, courage, sincerity, honor, modesty, respect, self control and friendship.

Improving the relationship between the IJF leaders and the athletes was also discussed. The athletes should be informed of the IJF projects and initiatives. The International Federation has the duty to be aware of all the realities (sports, human …) of the high level athletes’ lives.

To illustrate this, and as a first initiative, the IJF President will propose a new rule that beside of the coaches, athlete representatives are also present during the official draw of the major competitions.

Marius Vizer also said he is working to solve the problems related to the financial motivation of the best athletes in the world. Ultimately, the ability to organize, in Guadeloupe, a tribute to the career of Teddy Riner tournament for the youth of the world was discussed. The meeting was constructive and positive. No doubt that the effects will be felt in the future for the benefits of judo. Mr. Vizer and Teddy Riner’s father have sealed the meeting with a toast to the future of world judo and Teddy Riner.

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