Zubairi’s Martial Arts & Sports Trust-International Awards Ceremony 2011

Karachi, Press Release: The Zubairi’s Martial Arts Sports Trust-International organized International Martial Arts & Sports Award ceremony 2011 at Sindh Olympic House, Sindh Sports Complex, Nazimabad Karachi, Pakistan in collaboration with World Organizer of Martial Arts.USA (Sports Trust International Awards Ceremony).

The chief guest of the occasion was Dr Muhammad Ali Shah (President Sindh Olympic Association) and Member Provincial Assembly Govt of Sindh, Pakistan.

The aim and objective of Zubairi’s Martial Arts and Sports Trust is to develop learning, teaching and friendship of martial arts and sports among all of us and to recognize the efforts of promoting such things on international level.

Master Zubairi had informed the audience that he is closely working with Kukkiwon for Taekwondo promotion in Pakistan for highlighting Taekwondo as martial arts among youth, with respect to close combat arts he informed that we are also promoting Yong Moo Do as Korean martial arts especially in ground fighting and close combat situations.

Rizwan Mustafa Zubairi, The international Master Instructor in Korean Martial Arts of Taekwondo-Hapkido-Yong Moo Do and a Certified Sports Administrator from Olympic Council of Asia in his speech informed the audience and awardees that he is promoting the Korean Martial arts with the support and guide lines of Kukkiwon, World Yong Moo Do Federation, Universal Taekwondo Union, World Taekwondo University, Korean Hapkido Federation and Korean Martial Arts Instructors Association. He recently returned from South Korea and has advance training in Kukkiwon Taekwondo and Yongmoodo.

Prof M.I.Tianero, the founder of World Organizer of Martial Arts had specially approved the international award certificates for Pakistan’s eminent sports and martial arts personalities with the strong recommendation of Master Zubairi.

In his message to awardees he said that martial arts and sports give strong health and positive mental attitude and we present this award to you in recognition of your outstanding, unselfish support and dedication that leads to the success of martial arts and sports internationally and your hard work to educate people and community around us is highly appreciated by all of us.

He distributed the International awards to the eminent martial artists and Sport personalities.

1. Grandmaster Absar  Hussain Shah (Grandmaster Award in Kick Boxing)
2. Master Shabbir Hussain (4 th Dan Taekwondo)
3. Master Rehman Shah (4 th Dan Taekwondo)
4. Master Sadiq Ali Kazmi (4 th Dan Taekwondo)
5. Safdar Ali (3 rd Dan Taekwondo)
6. M. Altaf Khan (3 rd Dan Taekwondo)
7. M. Furqan (3 rd Dan Taekwondo)
8. Shahid Shaikh Siddique (2 nd Dan Taekwondo)
9. Sadaf Gull (2 nd Dan Taekwondo)
10. Abid Alam (2 nd Dan Taekwondo)
11. Irshad Khan (2 nd Dan Taekwondo)
12. Alamgir shah Afridi (2 nd Dan Taekwondo)
13. Amjad Ali (2 nd Dan Taekwondo)
14. Arbash Khan (Silver Medalist Int’L Amateur Muay Thai Championship 2011)
15. Farzana Khanum (Women Kick Boxing Association)
16. Musheer Raza Rabbani (Incharge Sindh Sports Board, Sports Complex.)
17. Syed Nabeel Shah (Swimming Instructor)
18. M. Taqi (Secretary Karachi Scouts Association)
19. Javeed Kiani (Swimming Instructor)
20. Rukhsan Aziz (Sports Instructor)
21. Rashid Ali Siddiqui (President-Pakistan Sports Writers Federation)
22. Ubaid-Ur-Rehman (Secretary-Sports Journalist Association of Sindh)
23. Wajid Raza Isfahani (Treasure-Karachi Union of Journalist)
24. Yahya Hussani (Vice President-Sports Journalist Association of Sindh)
25. Muhammad Ali (Secretary Sindh Judo Association)
26. Naseem Qureshi (Secretary Sindh Karate Association)
27. Dilwaris Khan (President  Sindh Amateur Muai Thai Association)
28. Khalil Jibran (President  Sindh Taekwondo Association)
29. M. Javeed Khan (Secretary  Sindh Taekwondo Association)
30. Khalid Rehmani (Secretary  Sindh Tennis Association)
31. Khursheed Shah (District Officer CDGK)
32. Rehana Saif (Sindh Olympic Association)
33. Ahmed Ali Rajput (Secretary Sindh Olympic Association)
34. Dr Muhammad Ali Shah (President Sindh Olympic Association)

Prof Zaib-Un-Nisa (Principal Khusbakht Leadership College for Girls) was the guest of honor and she specially praised the efforts of outstanding support to the sports and martial arts personalities of the trust and has invited Master Zubairi and his team to her college for seminar and speech.

Master Zubairi has been in martial arts and sports for over 30 years and is promoting Korean Martial Arts from Zubairi’s Martial Arts Centre since 1983 in Pakistan.

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