Sindh Judo Association calls PJF’s acts ‘illegal’

Karachi-Pakistan, May 24, 2012: Sindh Judo Association (SJA) has termed the elections of the Pakistan Judo Federation (PJF) and its act to suspend the SJA and the formation of ad-hoc committee for running the judo affairs of Sindh “illegal and unconstitutional”.

During a press briefing here at the Karachi Press Club on Thursday, SJA President Syed Wasim Hashmi said that on May 20, the PJF held fake and illegal elections. He said that SJA had sent an application to the Pakistan Olympic Association (POA) on April 2, submitting its complaints against the irregularities in the PJF.

“Following the request of SJA, the POA formed an arbitration committee under its former secretary and the current vice-president and issued instructions that till the decision of the committee the PJF could not hold any activities,” said Hashmi, who is also the PJF chairman.

“On May 18, Punjab Judo Association got stay order in lower courts against the PJF elections and its general council meeting. Punjab had also requested the POA for arbitration,” Hashmi said.

PJF ignored the advice of POA and also did not abide by the order of the court of law and thus committed contempt of judiciary, he said.

Also present in the briefing were SJA secretary Mohammad Ali and Sindh Olympic Association (SOA) secretary Ahmad Ali Rajput.

Hashmi said that along with Sindh and Punjab, WAPDA, Police and Railways had also boycotted PJF elections. “As we had already requested the POA for arbitration, PJF through media sent a message that an ad-hoc committee has been formed to run the affairs of Sindh judo which is an illegal action against the provincial body,” he said. “Under the POA constitution if an ad-hoc body was to be formed, it should have been decided in the general body meeting of the federation, which should have taken onboard the Sindh Olympic Association and we should also have been issued show-cause notices. But nothing like this has been done and nor have we received any formal notification about the ad-hoc committee,” the official explained.

Hashmi said that he would appeal to POA to declare the PJF elections illegal and un constitutional, constitute an ad-hoc set up for PJF affairs and conduct scrutiny before holding fair elections.

He said that PJF was being run under a dictatorial system and SJA would fight for bringing in democratic culture in the federation.

He also alleged that a single person in the PJF is acting as vice-president, treasurer and auditor.

Mohammad Rafiq, who was included by the PJF as member in the ad-hoc committee, denied any communication the federation. “I don’t know that I have been made member of the ad-hoc committee. The PJF has not made any correspondence with me in this regard and I will not want to be part of the committee,” Rafiq told ‘The News’ after the briefing. Meanwhile, the ad-hoc committee formed for handling the affairs of Sindh’s judo has informed all the judo organisers and players that they should not participate in the illegal activities of the persons of the suspended SJA.

After a meeting on Thursday, the committee informed all the judo organisers and players of the province in a message that it would conduct SJA elections within the stipulated time. Courtesy The News International]

Sindh Judo Association Sindh Judo Association Sindh Judo Association Sindh Judo Association Sindh Judo Association

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