Russia, Brazil, Korea and Japan on the Top of the Podiums

Kazan, July 10, 2013: Podium, For the third day of competition at the Summer Universiade, Kazan 2013, four more categories were concerned: women’s -52kg and 57kg as well as men’s -66kg and -73kg. Once again, the level of the competition was particularly high and captivating in the perspective of the World Championship, which will be held in Rio de Janeiro at the end of August 2013


The second day of competition at the 27th Summer Universiade, Kazan 2013, just came to an end with four new champions and three countries in gold, Korea having won two more titles (yesterday Korea won the men’s +100kg) in the women’s -70kg and men’s -90kg weight categories, France and Japan sharing the two remaining categories. At the end of this second day, France and Japan have exactly the same number of medals, three, with the exact same colors (1 Gold, 1 Silver, 1 Bronze). Once again the atmosphere in the stadium was festive, especially when Russian fighters were entering the Tatneft Arena and even if the final block of today’s competition was a little more tensed than the preliminary rounds, the judo show was unbelievable and the 103 athletes of the day literally produced a ippon festival.

Women’s -52kg: European Champion Wins the Title for Russia

Natalia KUZIUTINA (RUS) didn’t give a chance to the silver Olympic medallist from Cuba, Yanet BERMOY ACOSTA. If the start of the fight was tight, suddenly, KUZIUTINA followed BERMOY ACOSTA to the ground and engaged an unstoppable armlock for a quick ippon and a beautiful gold medal in front of her home crowd.

The first bronze medal fight went to SHISHIME Ai (JPN). The first half of the fight was advantagageous for the Frenchwoman, BONNA, who was more active than her Japanese opponent. But then SHISHIME scored a first major waza-ari with o-uchi-gari, followed one minute later by the same technique, but this time for ippon. The second bronze medal went to Romy TARANGUL (GER). Rapidly scored by Darya SKRYPNIK (BLR), she finally won the fight with two waza-ari.

Final: BERMOY ACOSTA, Yanet (CUB) vs. KUZIUTINA, Natalia (RUS)

Women’s -57kg: Olympic Medallist, QUADROS from Brazil, Wins Universiade Gold

Totally controlling the final, Ketleyn QUADROS (BRA), Olympic Bronze medallist in Beijing 2008, had no difficulties to win the gold medal in Kazan. After having scored two times during the first part of the fight, she finally arm-locked Shushana HEVONDIAN (UKR) for ippon.

The first bronze medal was won by LIEN Chen-Ling, from Chinese Tapei, where the 2017 edition of the Universiade will be organized. She won thanks to the only one shido that was given to her opponent, Agata PERENC (POL). The second bronze medal went to the Japanese delegation. Injured in the semi-final, KIM Minju (KOR) couldn’t compete and ONO Shoko (JPN) was designated as the winner.

Final: QUADROS, Ketleyn (BRA) vs. HEVONDIAN, Shushana (UKR)

Men’s -66kg: An Other Gold Medal for Japan

The final was a very tactical match, both fighters trying to dive under the center of gravity of one another with shoulder movements. As neither one of them was able to score, the decision was made by the difference in the number of penalties : TAKAJO Tomofumi (JPN) finally won the title, and CHO Junhyun (KOR) took took the silver.

The first bronze medal went to KHARCHENKO, Artem (UKR) after an incredible fight in terms of intensity and attacks. When World Champion, Rishod SOBIROV was first thrown, he had no choice but to attack again and again. Like a cat, KHARCHENKO escaped from everything and could keep his advantage till the end. The second bronze medal fight was another masterpiece in terms of intensity and in terms of acrobatic judo. Yakub SHAMILOV (RUS) scored a first waza-ari. Vincent VALLEE (FRA) then had to take risks. But taking risks opened the possibilities for the opponent to score again and that’s what SHAMILOV did, with another tremendous movement for ippon.

Final: CHO, Junhyun (KOR) vs. TAKAJO, Tomofumi (JPN)

Men’s -73kg: Wang (KOR) is Back on the Top of the Podium

The last final of the day was a very physical and technical one. Led by a yuko, the French ALLARDON tried everything to score against the former World Number One, WANG Ki Chun, but more precise and more active, Wang finally scored on the edge of the competition area before concluding with an immobilization for ippon.

In a one-way bronze medal fight, UNGVARI could not do anything against the Japanese NISHIYAMA Yuki (JPN), who totally dominated the match and scored several times before concluding with a superb te-otoshi just on the final gong. The second bronze medal fight was won by the Portuguese, Andre ALVES (POR), who literally ‘incrusted’ his opponent into the tatami with a powerful counter attack for ippon.

Final: ALLARDON, Jonathan (FRA) vs. WANG, Kichun (KOR)

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