IMMAF launches ringside training academy

London. May 3, 2017: RINGSIDE TRAINING ACADEMY, The International Mixed Martial Arts Federation opens its doors to the IMMAF MMA Training Academy in Dublin, Ireland, on 3rd June.

The Academy, housed at Code Blue Medical Centre, primarily provides an education hub for professional and skills development in ringside care for MMA. At launch it offers a systemic, certified training program for candidates interested in pursuing a career as a Cutman or Cutwoman.

Code Blue Medical is renowned for its dedicated training programmes for healthcare practitioners, including event support personnel who are experienced front-line professionals from busy emergency departments and ambulance services. Code Blue provides ringside medical services across Ireland, and has contributed to the development of a ‘gold standard’ in MMA competitor care in the region.

RINGSIDE TRAINING ACADEMY: IMMAF Cutman Trainer, Joe Clifford (‘Minute Medicine Man’), has provided education in MMA competitor care for seconds, coaches and combat enthusiasts since 2009. Breaking away from the ‘cloak and dagger’, word-of-mouth Cutman tradition, Clifford advocates evidence based practice using non-prescription substances with an emphasis on hygiene, sanitation and biohazard control.

This new alliance between healthcare practitioners and Cutpersons is a groundbreaking development in the improvement of MMA competitor safety, since the two factions have previously co-existed in the same field of play without crossover.

The partnership addresses essential gaps in training for ringside care, marrying two distinct schools of thought for all those wishing to pursue a career as a Cutperson.

The academy is located 13 minutes from the airport by car and sits between both sides of Dublin city providing easy access for candidates travelling from afar to participate in courses.

Trainer, Joe Clifford, said:
“Regulation! The academy symbolizes a sea of change in terms of fighter safety. Where previously there was no regulation or specific training provided for candidates except by word of mouth, the academy represents a collaborative and systemic approach to training in corner care that will serve to improve competitor safety.

It will hopefully encourage the present generation to comply with current healthcare standards, in particular, Cut Persons/Combat Sport First Aiders who co-exist cageside with other healthcare practitioners.”

Glenn Ellis of Code Blue Medical said:
“Code Blue Medical Service feel proud and honored to be a part of this collaboration around Training and Education for everyone involved in the sport of Mixed Martial Arts.

The more we share and train together, the better our officials, Medics, Cuts Teams and Coaches will be in preparation for every medical emergency that happens either on fight night or in any place that a fighter competes or trains.”

First Course Dates – 2017:
Professional Hand Wrapping & Injury prevention
June 3-4, 24-25
Cutman Course
August, 5-6
E-Learning – Coming Soon
1. The Unconscious Fighter
2. The Conscious Fighter

About IMMAF:

The International Mixed Martial Arts Federation is the international democratic body for the sport of MMA, representing MMA’s stakeholders across 65 nations worldwide. Founded from within the MMA community for the MMA community, the purpose of the IMMAF is to protect and further the development, recognition and regulation of the sport of MMA on all levels, enabling international competition through its family of non-profit, democratic national federations. —- IMMAF/Image by Anja Dorny

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