Karachi – Pakistan, March 17, 2015: The 2nd Pakistan National Yong Moo Do Championships 2015 (Grandmaster Kim Byung Chun Yong Moo Do Cup 2015) was conducted at Bader-Ul-Hassan Sports Complex, Nazimabad, Karachi. The championship is conducted under the rules and regulation of World Yong Moo Do Federation, Korea in Kyrogi (Sparring) and Hoshinsul (Self Defense) events.

The Yong Moo Do teams from Sindh, Baluchistan, Punjab, Khyber Pakhtoon Khawa and Gilgit Baltistan has participated. After recitation of Holy Quran master Zubairi has inaugurated the event with ribbon cutting.

Dr Tayyab Usmani (Assistant Professor of Dow Medical College) has given a presentation on bio mechanics and importance of physical activity through martial arts in today’s busy society.

Wajid Raza Isfahani (World Yong Moo Do Champion) the Bronze medalist also gave presentation and shared his experience on Yongmoodo techniques with participants.

Sindh Team got first position with 71 points, Punjab second with 60 points and Baluchistan third with 41 points.

KYROGI (Sparring Event).

Province Gold Silver Bronze Points
Sindh 4 3 1 62
Punjab 3 3 1 53
Baluchistan 1 1 4 36
Gilgit/Baltistan 0 1 1 12
KPK 0 0 1 5

HOO SHIN SUL (Self Defense Event).

Province Gold Silver Bronze Points
Sindh 1 0 0 9
Punjab 0 1 0 7
Baluchistan 0 0 1 5
Gilgit/Baltistan 0 0 0 0
KPK 0 0 0 0

The Black Belts Second Dan along with Pakistan Yong Moo Do Federation Flags were awarded to Naeem Akhtar, Danish Khan, Aamir Siddiqui, Shahzad Ali, Suqrat Farooqi, Taha Farooqi, Mubashir Hassan, Dilawer Bhatti, Wajid Raza and Tajdar Mehdi.

The Korean Martial Arts Yong Moo Do has been launched in Pakistan by Rizwan Mustafa Zubairi, Certified International Master Instructor & Referee from World Yong moo Do Federation, Korea.

Master Zubairi has informed that Yong Moo Do is a Progressive Integrated Martial Arts which was developed after many years of research by Korean University Professors who are also the grandmasters in different martial arts systems. Yong Moo Do met the requirements of Pakistani Martial Arts Community of all age groups. —- PYMF

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