IOC, Close and Fruitful Collaboration

Lausanne – Switzerland: Collaboration, “Olympic Solidarity is constantly seeking to encourage the practice of sport by athletes all over the world by offering the National Olympic Committees a large number of programs intended to cover the various stages of development of an athlete’s career, right up to elite level”, explained the institution in the introduction of the report.

In this framework and for many years, the International Judo Federation has been working closely with the Olympic Solidarity to find the best possible solutions to offer to athletes. One of the masterpieces of that organization was the IJF African Olympic Preparation Center, which was based in Algiers during two years prior to the Games. “The collaboration was most enriching and offered a unique experience and means from which the athletes could never have benefited without the excellent understanding achieved with all our NOC, IF and independent partners”, says the Olympic Solidarity.

The report underlines the fact that Judo was the third sport in numbers in terms of Olympic Scholarship holders participating in the Games (1- Athletics, 2- Swimming, 3- Judo), with 22 women and 37 men for a total of 59 people: 10 athletes from Africa, 14 from Pan-America, 10 from Asia and 25 from Europe).

According to the Olympic Solidarity report, the IOC was really pleased with the program, the participation and the results of the athletes who received an OS scholarship and participated in the London Olympic Games. The International Judo Federation is also very happy to be among the most active federations in the field of development and of supporting athletes coming from all continents.


• Sarah MENEZES (BRA), Gold medallist – W -48kg

• Idalys ORTIZ BOCOURT (CUB), Gold medallist – W+78kg

• Yanet BERMOY ACOSTA (CUB), Silver medallist – W -52kg

• Corina Oana CAPRIORIU (ROU), Silver medallist – W -57kg

• Mayra AGUIAR DA SILVA (BRA), Bronze medallist – W -78kg

• Yuri ALVEAR OREJUELA (COL), Bronze medallist – W -70kg

• Eva CSERNOVICZKI (HUN), Bronze medallist – W -48kg

• Ilias ILIADIS (GRE), Bronze medallist – M -90kg

• Rishod SOBIROV (UZB), Bronze medallist – M -60kg


• Atio Séverine NEBIE (BUR) – W-63kg

• Facinet KEITA (GUI) – M+100kg

• Fetra RATSINIZIVA (MAD) – M-81kg

• Linouse DESRAVINE (HAI) – W-52kg

• Omar Antonio SIMMONDS PENA – M-81kg

• Chingiz MAMEDOU (KGZ) – M-90kg

• Elnur MAMMADLI (AZE) – M-81kg

• Amel MEKIC (BIH) – M-100kg

• Marie MULLER (LUX) – W-52kg

• Srdjan MRVALJEVIC (MNE) – M-81kg

• Roman GONTIUK (UKR) – M-90kg


• Paula Belén PARETO (ARG) – W-48kg

• Oscar René BRAYSON VIDAL (CUB) – M+100kg

• WANG Ki-Chun (KOR) – M-73kg

• Dilshod CHORIEV (UZB) – M-90kg

• Hovhannes DAVTYAN (ARM) – M-60kg



• Soraya HADDAD (ALG) – W-52kg

• Mohamed Ramadan DARWISH (EGY) – M-100kg

• islam EL SHEHABY (EGY) – M+100kg

• Audrey Nancy KOUMBA IMANDA ADJANI (GAB) – W-78kg

• Oumar KONE (MLI) – M-100kg

• Zakari AMADOU GOUROUZA (NIG) – M-60kg

• Houda MILED (TUN) – W-70kg


• Osman MURILLO SEGURA (CRC) – M-73kg

• Maria GARCIA CECERES (DOM) – W-52kg

• Juan POSTIGOS (PER) – M-60kg

• Melissa MOJICA ROSARIO (PUR) – W+78kg

• Javier Antonio GUEDES SANCHEZ (VEN) – M-60kg


• Tsagaanbaatar HASHBAATAR (MGL) – M-66kg

• Bundmaa MUNKHBAATAR (MGL) – W-52kg

• Rasul BOQIEV (TJK) – M-73kg – Diploma

• Parviz SOBIROV (TJK) – M-90kg

• Navruz JURAKOBILOV (UZB) – M-73kg

• Ali Mohsen KHOUSROF (YEM) – M-60kg


• Majlinda KELMENDI (ALB) – W-52kg

• Armen NAZARYAN (ARM) – M-66kg

• Dirk VAN TICHELT (BEL) – M-73kg

• Tomislav MARIJANOVIC (CRO) – M-81kg

• Martin PADAR (EST) – M+100kg

• Johanna Tuulia YLINEN (FIN) – W-63kg

• Varlam LIPARTELIANI (GEO) – M-90kg

• Lisa KEARNEY (IRL) – W-48kg

• Thormodur JONSSON (ISL) – M+100kg

• Jevgenijs BORODAVKO (LAT) – M-100kg

• Ivan REMARENCO (MDA) – M-90kg

• Sergiu TOMA (MDA) – M-81kg

• Janusz WOJNAROWICZ (POL) – M+100kg

• Daniel BRATA (ROU) – M-100kg

• Gulsah KOCATURK (TUR) – W+78kg

• Maryna PRYSHCHEPA (UKR) – W-78kg. —- IJF

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