Norway MMA Federation achieves Government Recognition

London, April 6, 2019: The Norwegian MMA Federation (NMMAF) has announced its groundbreaking achievement of national sport recognition for amateur MMA (Norway MMA Federation achieves).

World MMA governing body, IMMAF – WMMAA, was notified yesterday that the Norwegian Sports Federation (Norges Idrettsforbund – NIF) has accepted applications from umbrella organisation, Norwegian Combat Federation (Norges Kampsportforbund – NKF), on behalf of MMA and Muay Thai.

The NKF houses Norway’s other combat sports including karate, jujutsu and wushu, with mixed martial arts (MMA) and Muay Thai also as members.

“This is great news for the sport of MMA, both as a recreational sport and for the athletes,” NMMAF President Henning Svendsen commented.

“Amateur MMA has gained official recognition in Norway. This will make it much more efficient to manage and evolve the sport in solid and secure way.”

Previously full contact MMA has banned in Norway with significant obstructions placed on competition due to the law banning any sport where victory or points could be scored via knock-out.

Under these laws, the NMMAF has long operated “Merkekamper” competitions which allows athletes to compete in an inter-club setting under “sparring” rules agreed with the Norwegian government.

Norwegian athletes frequently travel abroad to participate in full-contact competition.

Norway’s Camilla Mannes receiving her silver medal from MMA legend Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira at the 2016 IMMAF World Championships.

In 2016, the thirty-three year “knock-out law” was lifted for the sport of boxing following a Parliament vote in Oslo.

It expects that official recognition of the NMMAF will now enable the organisation to progress discussions with the government about the implementation of sanctioned, amateur MMA competition.

The positive development follows headlines this week in France as Sports Minister, Roxana Mărăcineanu, stated her plans to regulate MMA practice and (eventually) permit MMA competition in the country.

Sports Minister, Roxana Mărăcineanu
To date, over thirty IMMAF – WMMAA members have achieved government or National Olympic Committee recognition, though the international body’s application rejected by GAISF (the Global Association of International Sports Federations) in February.

IMMAF – WMMAA has subsequently re-submitted its application.

Norway MMA Federation achieves: NMMAF President Henning Svendsen said:

“The NMMAF would like to thank NKF for all their assistance and help. Trond Søvik (NKF General Secretary) and Mari H. Pettersen (NKF Finance Secretary) have worked hard to make this happen.

We are grateful to the NIF for a solid and fair decision to include MMA and Muay Thai.

“The NMMAF would also like to thank the IMMAF for its support over the years.

IMMAF founders, August Wallen and George Sallfeldt, have helped and inspired us a lot.

Last but not least, a big thank you to all the gyms and athletes in Norway that have supported the NMMAF since 2011.

We are all one!” —- IMMAF

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