International expansion continues as Morocco and Iraq join IMMAF – WMMAA

By Isobel Carnwath, London, June 9, 2019: IMMAF – WMMAA, the world’s unified governing body for the sport of MMA, continues its global expansion as it welcomes representatives for mixed martial arts in Morocco and Iraq as its newest members (Morocco Iraq join IMMAF).

IMMAF President Kerrith Brown said:

“The addition of Morocco to our membership will surely bring an energetic boost to grass roots sport development in Africa, which is an area of focus for us (Morocco Iraq join IMMAF).

Meanwhile, the addition of Iraq, ahead of announcements of further new members in the Middle East, is indicative of the valuable opportunities opening up for IMMAF – WMMAA in the region right now.”

FRMSCLM – or Royal Moroccan Federation of Mixed Martial Arts) is the first official MMA organisation in the history of Morocco.

Founded in response to the popularity of and increasing participation in MMA in Morocco, the federation is supported by the country’s sports ministry.

FRMSCLM has previously partnered with BRAVE Combat Federation in bringing international professional MMA to Morocco.

FRMSCLM President El Harchali said: “We want to contribute to Morocco and its people through MMA.

One of the main steps is to motivate Moroccan youth to take up MMA and to start engaging with sports in general.

We plan to open new MMA gyms throughout the country and roll out education and training programs for coaches.

Furthermore, we both passionately want to organise MMA events in Morocco, which will have a positive effect on the development of the sport in Africa.

Thank you to everyone who enabled the engagement of FRMSCLM as an official member of IMMAF – WMMAA.”

Iraqi Combat Fighting Cage (ICFC) established in 2010, hosting its first professional MMA event that year and subsequently introducing amateur competitions two to three times a year.

ICFC has also hosted annual seminars for coaches, referees and participants.

More recently, the ICFC has worked to establish an independent, national governing body for the sport, as the only legal committee permitted to organise MMA events in Iraq or to participate internationally.

All MMA clubs in Iraq represent on the ICFC committee.

ICFC President Raad Jameel Abass said:

“We look forward to participating in the activities of the IF in order to develop the level of players to reach a global level”.

IMMAF- WMMAA is the global governing body for MMA working for the development, recognition and regulation of the sport.

IMMAF – WMMAA has a seven-year track record of organising international amateur MMA Championships and developing the sport globally.

According to GAISF’s own website, IMMAF – WMMAA meets all known criteria.

IMMAF- WMMAA has 110 member federations with National Olympic Committee recognition in around 50 countries.

With Olympian leaders coming from judo, IMMAF- WMMAA fully respects Olympic values.

IMMAF-WMMAA governance is subject to independent audit by the Sport Integrity Global Alliance. —- IMMAF

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