Media Recognition for the IJF at the Monaco SPORTEL

IJF News, Oct 15: For four days, the appointments were chained on the International Judo Federation booth, which did its best to accommodate the representatives of the TV’s around the world, at the Monaco SPORTEL, Monaco 2011.Mr. Marius Vizer, the IJF President, could be satisfied at the closing of the SPORTEL, after dozens of successful meetings: “our organization has made a giant step forward in the last four years.

When I took over the reins of the federation, in 2007, our media coverage was virtually nonexistent, but thanks to the tireless work of our teams on the field, of the continental unions, the national federations, of all our sponsors and partners, and of the media, we can be proud today of the media exposure of international judo. We are at the beginning of the adventure and we still have a lot of work, but we are on track and we will continue our efforts.”

Sure, the IJF booth has made a strong impression in Monaco. Bright, spacious and functional, it was the perfect tool for conducting all the meetings that should give the direction for the years to come.

Vlad MARINESCU, director of the IJF Presidential Office, also in charge of the contracts with the TV, said: “contacts to obtain long-term contracts were made with the most important broadcasters, at least until 2016 and beyond. Our partners have been testing for two years the professionalism of our events and our productions. The work is beginning to be rewarded.”

If the presence of judo has been noted for the duration of the SPORTEL, this true impression was reinforced by the judo demonstrations that were organized with the support of the French Judo Federation and the “Pôle Espoir de Nice”, lead by Gilles NAHON, as well as by the quality of Jean-Luc ROUGE’s presentation, FF Judo President and IJF General Secretary, who was present to detail the organizational and media coverage successes obtained during the last World Championships, which were held in Paris last August.

“If having judo live on TV is not a battle won in advance, having these beautiful championships present on the channels from 133 countries across the five continents, represents more than just a critical success” explained Mr. ROUGE.

The icing on the cake is that judo was particularly visible during the SPORTEL awards, held after the second day of the event. Thus the “International Olympic Committee Grand Prize” returned to Canal Plus for his reporting on Teddy RINER on the occasion of the World Championships in Paris, while other sequences, that showcases judo, were also honored all throughout the evening attended by media representatives from around the world.

Two world champions from Paris were also present, since Lucie DECOSSE and Gévrise EMANE had been invited as a jury and were able to present awards at the gala.

Starting from a very low level of media exposure, only 4 years ago, the International Judo has made great progress on all aspects that can attract the TV. Things are moving forward. The World Judo Tour is attracting everyday more and more, as well as the educational dimension of Judo through its Judo Judo for Peace and Judo for Children programs for example. All lights are green, although much work remains to be done.

Note that the parallel development of multimedia platforms, the Facebook page and Twitter account and generally speaking the development of all the information tools, enable the IJF to be one of the most dynamic organizations in the world of sports.

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