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“Umar Kremlev Has Experience, Resolve and Vision” – Video Points Out Leadership Qualities Essential for AIBA’s Next President

By Eli Hadzhieva, December 3rd, 2020: “Experience, resolve and vision: these leadership qualities are essential for the future President of AIBA” says a video that has been released by the media channel Boxing Highlights C4TV in support of Umar Kremlev’s bid for the presidency of the International Boxing Association (AIBA).

The 5:50 minute video ( illustrates Umar Kremlev’s passion for boxing since his childhood.

He has been the Secretary General of the Russian Boxing Federation since 2017 as well as First Vice-President of the European Boxing Confederation, Member of the AIBA Executive Committee and Chairman of AIBA’s Marketing Commission.

“The leaders of the National Federations appreciate his achievements and they are sure that Kremlev will be able to make AIBA a respected, honest and open sports organisation,” notes the video while mentioning the launch of the AIBA Continental Forums, which held in America, Asia and Oceania with the objective of uniting the global boxing community.

Kremlev was also behind the idea of the Global Boxing Foundation that aims at supporting and developing boxing as well as National Federations all over the world.

Referring to his exemplary work at the Russian Boxing Federation that helped make boxing the “leading national sport in terms of popularity and results”, the video highlights how Kremlev’s reforms improved the lives of boxers, trainers and the wider boxing community while developing the sport in different regions.

Having launched Boxing Day in Russia – which today celebrate worldwide – Kremlev set a Guinness record for the largest boxing training on Red Square in 2017.

Kremlev’s experience in organising international competitions, such as the European Boxing Championship and the World Boxing Championship for men and women also receives wide praise in the video.

It further highlights Kremlev’s lifetime achievements, such as launching the Global Boxing Forum to bring amateur and professional boxing together while initiating the Global Boxing Cup, a new tournament in the AIBA calendar.

“Umar Kremlev is ready to apply his experience, knowledge and competence as the President of AIBA.

Kremlev is going to revive the former greatness of AIBA,” underlines the video, stressing Kremlev’s plans to pay off AIBA’s debt within 6 months and to attract at least $50 million in sponsorship funds over the next two years.

The video further emphasises that “Kremlev will carry out financial reforms and allocate two million dollars every year for the development of national federations around the world”, while creating a Veteran Council and free Boxing Academies on every continent to train athletes, trainers, referees and sports judges.

“Today Umar Kremlev is the only worthy candidate for AIBA President. He is the one deserving, with all the qualities to lead and revive AIBA,” concludes the video.

The presidential election at AIBA, the sports body that represents amateur boxing worldwide, is scheduled for its next Congress on December 12-13, which will be held virtually due to the ongoing pandemic.

Support for Kremlev’s candidature has grown in the past months, with many National Federations endorsing Kremlev’s presidential bid, as they see his leadership qualities as necessary for AIBA at this crucial junction in its history.

Following its suspension by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) last year, Kremlev is confident that AIBA can be reinstated in time for the Paris Olympics in 2024. —- Source: Boxing Highlights C4TV

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