Karachi Division Judo Association election

Karachi Division Judo Association

Karachi – Pakistan, August 27, 2012: The General Body meeting of the Karachi Division Judo Association KDJA, held under the supervision of Mr. Abdul Malik, Chairman, Sindh Judo Association (Ad-hoc committee) at mini sports complex, Nazimabad, Karachi on August 26, 2012, for elect the new office bearers of the Karachi Division Judo Association KDJA, for the next four years terms 2012-2016.

According to the SJA (adhoc committee) and newly elected Karachi Division Judo Association KDJA, Chairman Abdul Malik and Secretary Jamal Uddin of SJA Adhoc Committee presided the meeting and announced the results of the election. The five districts of Karachi division were taken part in the said meeting.

The following office bearers have been elected unanimously through of show of hands.

1. Ahsan Mirza, President,

2. Nadeem Muhammad Khan, Secretary

3. Fahim Khan, Treasurer.

4. Dr. Anis Begum Chairwoman

5. Mr. Syed Osama Ali Sr. vice president

6. Mr. Nasir Ahmed (Advocate) Vice President

7. Mr. Zamir Khalid (Advocate) Vice President

8. Mr. Syed Rashid Iqbal, Vice President

9. Mr. Ghulam Fareed Uddin, Vice President

10. Mr. Nadeem Ullah Khan, Joint Secretary

Member Executive Council

11. Dr. Muhammad Aslam

12. Ms. Kanwal

13. Ms. Summiya

14. Mr. Danish Khan

15. Mr. Amir Ghaffar

16. Mr. Naeem

17. Mr. Abdul Rahim

18. Mr. Syed Asim Ali

19. Mr. Munir Abdul Razaq

20. Mr. Syed Rehan Ali

21. Mr. Baboo Lasi

22. Mr. Kashif Mehdi

23. Mr. Abdul Jabeer

24. Mr. Jamil Majeed

25. Mr. Muhammad Saeed

26. Mr. Abdul Rehman

27. Mr. Muhammad Yousuf

The President and Secretary announced that the a week long Open Judo Camp is being organized by the KDJA at the same venue for the preparation of the Sindh and then National Judo Championships 2012 and upcoming National Games which will be held at Lahore in the mid of October 2012. In this meeting many clubs’ were attended the meeting and make sure they will support their heart and soul for the promotion of judo in the metropolis.

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